We all swoon over elegant, impeccably polished and extremely complex watches and why not? This time, however, let’s examine some pieces whose primary purpose is to entertain. Take Christophe Claret’s Margot watch. This ultra-feminine timepiece features a game we all probably played at some point in our adolescence, or maybe even in our adult lives, “He loves me. He loves me not.” With each press, a petal is tucked beneath the dial, and when all the petals disappear, the answer is revealed in French in beautiful calligraphy. With the Labyrinth watch by Hautlence, CEO Sandro Reginelli hoped to revive a game he often played as a child.

As the time is displayed only when a button is pushed, the timepiece encourages the wearer to disconnect from the passing of the hours and to engage completely in the game. It’s in the dark that MB&F’s Black Badger shines—with the benefit of a composite called AGT Ultra that maintains a glow for 40 per cent longer than Superluminova. This truly cool watch is available in “radar” green, “phantom” blue and purple “reign.”

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(Text by Charlene Co)