Brightening up for spring 2017, Hublot chose to deviate from its classic trademark pieces and come out bold with the Big Bang Sugar Skull Fluo collection, which comes in variations of Cobalt Blue, Sunflower, Hot Pink and Malachite Green.

The stark contrast between the black material and the neon details easily draws attention towards the watch. Opting to embrace Swiss traditions, Hublot has decided to embellish its timepiece with only the finest custom Bischoff embroidery from St Gallen. The dial bears the Bischoff embroidery skull design on the carbon fibre and black silk organza, which is then sheathed in a 41mm case. Similarly, the skilled artisans used the same embroidery on the straps and seamlessly merged the flower patterns with the skull.

 Not only is the dial adorned with the stunning embroidery, each hour is identified by 12 delicate gemstones. Depending on the watch colour, Hublot has assigned either coloured sapphires or tsavorites for each watch. To top it all off, 36 additional gemstones have been aesthetically placed on the bezel to encircle the dial.

 If the Big Bang Sugar Skull Fluo intrigues you—as it has with everyone who has laid eyes on it—then do note that it is a limited-edition collection. With only 100 pieces for each colour, these painstakingly stunning watches can only be owned by 400 people. So if you’re one of the lucky ones, flaunt your watch with pride!


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