Private jets are becoming more and more popular every year as they provide a speedy way to travel and boast very comfortable facilities. Many important meetings are attended and deals finalised with the help of a shortened journey courtesy of someone’s private jet.

Also, let’s not forget that the chance to tell your friends or business colleges that you have bought the height of luxury is nothing to shake your head at. However, where do you start with so many stunning options in today’s market?

 The Gulf Stream G550/ G650 / G500, Mach 0.885 (1,092kph)

Price: US$53 million

story-20170127151350-main_resized_667x500.jpgWith sleeping accommodation for up to eight at a time and the ability to accommodate up to 19 people, this is an excellent choice that offers the perfect private-jet option. For those who are willing to shell out US$65 million and stand the three-year waiting list could get the G650: a much faster module, or the slightly lower-range known as the G500, which is as fast as its big brother, but which has a reduced distance from 7,000 nautical miles to 5,000.

 Bombardier Global 6000, Mach 0.89 (1,099kph)

Price: US$45 million

story-20170127151348-Bombardia_resized_750x500.jpgWith a business-oriented style, why not splash out on a proven distance king? Los Angeles to Moscow, or 6,000 nautical miles, is no trouble for this luxury flyer. The Bombardier Global 6000 also comes with what the manufacturer calls a “superior stateroom experience” and a series of additional options to choose from.

 Dassault Falcon 7X, Mach 0.90 (1,100kph)

Price: US$52.5 million

story-20170127151349-Dassault_resized_750x500.jpgWhen two jets aren’t just enough, why not have three? Dassault Falcon 7X is one of the only “trijets” currently in production. In 2014, this amazing aircraft recorded a record-breaking trip from London to New York in less than six hours. That’s a full hour less than a commercial flight and an hour that could cost a business deal or two.

 Cessna Citation X+, Mach 0.935 (1,164kph)

Price: US$22 million

story-20170127151349-cessna_resized_750x500.jpgIf luxury is not your main driver and you don’t care how the jet travels as long as it gets you to where you are going quickly, then this is the jet for you. Created in response to the rumour of a lack of speed along with a negative reputation, Cessna created the Citation X+. The fastest private jet on the market is also, interestingly, one of the cheaper options.

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