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Education is the key to success in life. With the right education anyone can pursue their passion and interests in life and find success in the given field. As the job industry becomes more and more competitive, it’s essential to obtain the right education to secure the ideal position and give you the security you need for a lifetime.

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As the New Year approaches, many parents might find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to finding the right education for their children. What are the steps needed to find when planning and choosing the right education abroad in accordance with your children’s interests, talent and personality?

With this in mind, we have gathered five essential tips that you and your children need to know before applying for a higher education abroad.

What country do your child want to study in?

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The best way to choose for higher-education study should be based on what you want. Every country has different climates and cultures, but choosing your destination based on them alone is not wise. The ultimate thing is to choose a country ideal for your study needs. Of course, there are some countries that are considered to have the best educational systems, like the US, Germany, the UK and Australia, among others. How do you narrow things down, then? The best way is to ask a friend or relative or to seek advice from special education consultants who will help you to narrow the list down and choose the most suitable country for you.

What university do your child want to study in?

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Now, we come to choosing the universities, and this is super-important! As everyone knows being a graduate from a certain prominent university will have a great impact on your child’s future since they are able to provide not just top-notch education, but also better resources and facilities. Of course, your children’s academic level should be able to meet the programme’s admission requirements. Sit down with your child and discuss things through along with looking into the available subjects included in the programme. Know where your child’s strengths and passions lie, and this should help narrow down you and your childs options.

Where will your child lives abroad?

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Once you have chosen the country destination, it’s time to get house-hunting! Where would you like your children to live in for the next four years? Do you want them to live on-campus like dorms or would you have them rent an apartment nearby the campus? The thing to remember is that if your child lives on-campus they will have better chance to communicate with other students and spend more time on their studies and make friends easily. But, of course some universities have limited space and off campus accommodation like apartment could come in handy and don’t forget that some school offers university-run residence hall in the similar apartment blocks with shared facilities. Tip: contact the university’s international office and accommodation office who will be glad to help you out! 

How’s your child's foreign language?

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While English has become the primary language in most universities abroad, learning the language of your study destination would be a wise thing to do. And in the era of technology, learning a basic language gesture has never become easier. A simple “hello” or “how are you?” could come in handy for your children. Also, there are several educational institutions that provide language classes for your children to enroll and gained that confidence.

How will you support/fund your child's studies abroad?

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With the constant change in the global economy, as the years go by, studying abroad has gotten more and more expensive. This is why investing in your children’s higher education is not just necessary, but also a crucial step. DBS Treasures understands the need that finding the right education begins with early planning. DBS presents DBS Treasures Education Plan, in collaboration with SUN Education, to help customers in preparing their children for education abroad, especially in Singapore. Of course, your participation will not be without benefits. For those who join they will get benefits including free consultation, free admission to various institutions, free visa as well as accommodation arrangement, special price for language tests, and other promotions. With this in mind, now parents can enjoy the beneficial advantages provided by DBS Treasures Education Plan that will eased up their child's preparation for a brighter and successful higher education journey.

Not only that, DBS Treasures Education Plan also allows its customers to enjoy DBS Treasures privileges, such as airport assistance, DBS Treasures Travel privileges, free account fees, market update information, and exclusive invitations to attend DBS Treasures event. Who said you have to deal with your child’s higher education dilemma alone?

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