If you finally decide that this is the year to do your dream side hustle such as publishing a book, building your own app, or any other project you have in mind, most probably you’re going to need a bit of money. I’m not talking about looking for investors or business loans; this is just those extra funds that you need to set off that project from the ground. For example: if you are looking to self-publish your book, you might need a professional editor to help you. Or if you’re setting up your own online shop, you might need a custom domain website, and that requires a bit of money. To make your journey easier, we are giving you these quick and easy tips to make that side hustle come alive.

1/5 Take a bit from each paycheck

check.jpgPhoto: Pixabay

If you’re working full time and earning a monthly paycheck, this is the easiest step. Set up a system in which the bank will automatically transfer a certain amount from your monthly paycheck into a separate bank account. Keep in mind that this separate bank account is specifically used for your passion project and nothing else. You can also use an auto-savings app that allows you to save small amounts of money more regularly without feeling the impact. Some apps you can try includes Digit, Acorns, and Qapital.

2/5 Freelancing

Photo: Pexels

Maybe you’re working full time and finding the time to do freelancing jobs is definitely not easy. But if you can spare a few hours in a week, you might end up with extra savings at the end of the month. Check out freelancer.co.id or Sribulancer.com to help you find a gig.

3/5 Cut those pesky recurring bills (or at least try to) Pesky.jpg

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Review your monthly bank statements to see where your money is going. See all the expenses you incur every month, especially those subscription services that you don’t even realise you still have. Example include subscriptions to magazine, apps, or services that you generally don’t need.

4/5 Sell your old stuff

old stuff.jpgPhoto courtesy: Pixabay

Seeing fashion influencers selling their secondhand clothes through bazaars is now a common thing, so why not do the same? Those clothes that you only wear once—do you really need them to be in the closet? In the process of getting rid of this stuff, you can even make quick cash off the stuff you don’t need. And in case you haven’t watched the latest episodes of the Netflix show called Tidying up with Marie Kondo, you should, because apparently clearing your space is not just some mundane activity. It can also clear your mind and set you off on the right path.

5/5 Keep costs as low as possible by any means

Saving.jpgPhoto courtesy: Pixabay

Projects come in different shapes and sizes, and the potential costs are hard to estimate. But the easiest way to keep costs low in general is to do it yourself. For example, by taking the time and learning social media marketing, you save marketing costs and can use that money for other parts of your project.

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