Today, endless options for investing are available to choose from. With no shortage of options, one is faced with the challenge of choosing wisely. Asmara Investment PLC offers a creative solution for investments and invites its investors to think not only outside the box, but beyond the continent.

 Founded by Erick Li, Asmara Investment PLC is a business consultancy and specialist firm with numerous property development projects in Bali, including Jimbaran’s luxurious, Puncak Asmara Resort. The company, always forward-thinking and seeing possibilities where others tend to dismiss them, sees an opportunity in Europe for sound investments, with benefits that only the Western continent could offer.

 Recognising that many Asian clients are seeking to expand their businesses to new markets, the company explored the option of investing in Europe. The key strategy of the asset management company is the internationalisation of clients’ businesses. The company goes the extra mile by aiding the clients in the painstaking immigration process and assisting clients through every step, from choosing a profitable investment to obtaining a permanent residence in Europe.

 Europe proves to be a fertile ground for foreign investments due to its mature legislative environment, stable governments and financial markets with deep liquidities. Since the economic crisis in 2008, Europe has seen innovations that have become the driving source of their economy. Investing in Europe is a matter of quality over speed, where investments made in the continent are guaranteed stability, and investors are free to exit without extreme difficulty.

 Another attractive feature that a European investment offers is the freedom to explore 28 EU member states, with each state offering specific benefits to clients’ businesses. As one of the least restrictive markets with free movements on goods, services and labour, business owners might find the seamlessness of the process an enormously appealing selling point.

 Assistance in securing a permanent residence in Europe is a vital element in the programme, as the European visa application process requires applicants to undergo rigorous steps to secure a permit to travel and conduct business within the continent. A permanent residence allows investors to move freely in and out of the 28 EU member states, an essential step in building a business in Europe that will yield anticipated return.      

 Akin to cultivating land, fertile soil alone provides a promising result, but one is still required to put in the work to reap a desirable outcome. Europe provides a propitious base for a sound investment, but asset managers are indispensable elements in yielding optimal returns. The select group of asset managers offers a unique insight to investment opportunities. With a guaranteed minimum of 5% per annum, the programme has exceeded bank interest rates and other professional investments.           

 With the company’s success in investing and managing the clients’ assets, the company extended their services and appointed Grow Wealth Assets in 2012 to offer investment expertise under a transparent process. The asset management company’s knowledge of the European market and regulations makes the partnership between Asmara Investment PLC and Grow Wealth Assets a symbiotic relationship, offering the best of both continents.