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Photo Courtesy of AXA Financial Indonesian

Known for its insurance and asset-management services, AXA Financial Indonesia, part of the world-renowned AXA group, has launched its first single-premium unit-linked product called Maestro Prestige Link. The new product caters to those customers who need their investments optimised, plus life protection—even until they are 100 years old—with benefits including health insurance and personal accident coverage.

Maestro Prestige Link is a financial planning solution for customers who wish to grow their funds. Customers have the option of choosing their investment based on their risk profiles. Moreover, in the beginning, 100 per cent of the total premium will be invested to optimise returns. The main benefit of this product, among others, is its one-time payment at a minimum of only Rp50 million, a free monthly administration fee, and the ability to be able to switch up to four times a year. The best part? It’s also flexible, allowing customers to top up and withdraw.

Maestro Prestige Link offers other benefits, like protection—without having to undergo a medical check-up—for a sum up to Rp 500 million, as well as a loyalty bonus of 1 per cent from the average investment value during the past 60 months. This will then be given as an additional unit on the investment value every five years as long as a policy is active. As such, Maestro Prestige Link is the ideal solution for the affluent market in Indonesia to diversify both wealth and assets.

Reports show that there are currently at least 111,000 high-net-worth Indonesians who need financial planning solutions to grow their wealth. In fact, more than 5 million Indonesians enter the middle class annually, with the figure predicted to rise from 45 million in 2010 to 135 million in 2030. With this in mind, it is a wise decision to pay attention to investments more carefully, and what better way than to optimise funds with long-term protection? For more information about AXA Financial Indonesia’s new Maestro Prestige Link, click here.

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