Demolishing concerns surrounding women’s issues has been the core of Rosa’s plans to make the country a better place to live in. During her time living in the USA as the spouse of the Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States of America, Rosa involved herself in a number of communities and activities where she held the reigns to share her knowledge of Indonesia with the American people.

Some of her previous occupations include being the President of the Southeast Asian Women’s Association and President of the Muslim Women’s Association, both in Washington D.C. Rosa tells us that the activities she was a part of, such as giving speeches at the White House and American universities about women in Islam, have changed her perspectives on how she sees the world. “Before I left for the States, my thoughts were only clouded by the women of Indonesia. But after realising how fortunate and blessed we are as a country compared to many other countries around the world and the experience I gathered while living in the US, my goal was to help women all around the world,” she explains.

Indonesian women, although not entirely, are entitled to a vast degree of freedom as compared to women in countries such as Africa, South America and the Middle East, who are living in extremely unfortunate conditions. Women in Indonesia are able to reach for the stars and their dreams with barely any restrictions from their families and the government other than, at times, monetary constraints.

Rosa tells us that based on her experience of living in the US, Indonesia is and has been viewed as a country with the largest Muslim population. Even though this is true, the information provided to the people of the world regarding the culture of Islam and Muslims in Indonesia have been fed to them merely by the media. She explains that most of these have been fabricated or are untrue leading to the misinterpretation of Islam and the Muslim women in Indonesia. “What I aimed for during my stay in the US was to bring forward the modern Indonesian woman and not what they see Muslim women as in the media. We are independent, up-to-date, free, modern and tolerant. We are able to do and be whatever we want,” she says.

Rosa succeeded in her mission and ensured her message was sent across American borders as she had immense support from the American political system. They were enlightened on matters such as the transition of Indonesia from an autocratic to a democratic country and the involvement of women in its political parties. Rosa’s journey continued after she returned to her home country. She is currently the Founder and President of a non-profit organisation called Women for The World, whose mission and vision abide by her life’s goal.

The foundation focuses on developing programs to improve the contribution and empowerment of women in the Economic and Technology sector, Political and Civic sector, Education and Maternal Health Care. Being a five-year initiative, this year, the foundation is placing an emphasis on the first two pillars: empowerment in economic and technology participation and empowerment in the political and civic sector. Within the boundaries of the first pillar, the foundation aims to create 5,000 women entrepreneurs from each province in the country who in turn will be expected to educate two women each from their community, resulting in the creation of 15,000 entrepreneurs at the end of the five-year period from each of the 34 provinces.

“When you educate one man, you only educate one man. But when you educate one woman, you educate an entire nation. That’s how pivotal women are in the world,” Rosa believes. It is a woman’s natural reaction to help others. Therefore, creating thousands and millions of entrepreneurs will aid in the eradication of poverty in Indonesia; a goal looked on by many but acted upon only by a few. “A skilled and educated woman will shape a good community, a good community will shape a good population, a good population will shape a good country, and a good country will help change the world,” she claims. Being a multi-facetted woman who is eager to make a difference and at the same time be inspired by different opportunities in life, Rosa is also currently busy with a movie she is producing with Director Rudi Soedjarwo. “Stay With Me,” which is based on a true story, is inspired by the daily life and challenges one faces in a relationship on a day-to-day basis.

“I think the public will perceive the movie in a positive manner. Since it is based on someone’s life, it will be easy for them to relate to the story. Sometimes we need to be exposed to something other than the life we live and be exposed to another perspective,” Rudi explains. He tells us that “Stay With Me” will be his 28th movie, which is due to be released in September this year.

Rosa, who stands as the Executive Producer of Stay With Me tells us that she opted to be a part of Rudy’s movie because of his affirmed credibility and to broaden her horizons into a different industry than what she is used to. “I’ve never done anything as big as a movie in the entertainment industry so it is an entirely new experience, but a good one,” she says. Rosa and Rudi have been family friends for quite some time but coincidently met again last year after which he offered her the position. Rosa is a passionate woman who is open to new ideas and new investments, making this an apt opportunity for her to delve into a whole new world, along with her initiative towards Woman of The World.