Please share with us your current projects.

Recently, I travelled through Latin America, China and the US on market visits. For me, a business site is a frontline where I can meet our customers. It offers valuable opportunities to listen to the voice of our customers and learn from them. That is why I try to visit different markets as frequently as possible.


It is also because our global business continues to grow exponentially. Global business is what is actually driving AMOREPACIFIC’s growth. In 2014, AMOREPACIFIC Group’s revenues generated from outside of Korea grew over 50 per cent compared with 2013. Our global brands, including LANEIGE and Sulwhasoo, continue to receive great responses from overseas markets, promising more room for growth. We will continue to focus our efforts on delivering our outstanding brands, innovative products and the Asian Beauty philosophy to many more customers around the world.


What are the secrets behind maintaining such a huge enterprise?

Because this is a family business that has continued for three generations, it has influenced me a lot. For me, cosmetics have always been part of my life. Even as a child as I played with cosmetics products as toys. I can even say that cosmetics is present in my DNA.


Sometimes, we are happier as a gift giver than as a gift receiver. As such, I feel more happiness when our products help our customers to be more beautiful and happier. Since our foundation in 1945, AMOREPACIFIC Group has continued to focus on one thing—its mission to become the “Asian Beauty Creator” and realising the ideal beauty of each customer around the world through Asian Beauty. Our strong dedication to beauty, and Asian Beauty in particular, has laid the foundation for us to grow and to become more compelling.


What lessons have you learned from your father that are still relevant today?

At the centre of our business is trust. This is what my father, the late Chairman Suh Sung-whan, always emphasised. And the reason why we put trust at the centre of our business is because of our customers. From the company’s beginning to now, we’ve never compromised the quality of our products.


Quality is essential in maintaining the trust of our customers. Rather than immediate gains, the trust of our customers and good feedback from them are more important to us and we believe the quality is the first criterion in satisfying them. Our uncompromising attitude toward the best quality and customer-oriented thinking are fully reflected in each brand and product. I believe this is the ultimate reason for AMOREPACIFIC’s popularity among customers in Korea and overseas.

What is your management style when it comes to working with so many people and brands under AMOREPACIFIC?

Trust is as important in my relationships with the company’s employees as it is with customers and with society. The relationship between the company and employee should be intimate and honest enough to build trust in each other. Then, all can look towards the same direction, towards the same goal. “Be someone trustworthy” is the lesson learned from my father. And, this is the basic philosophy of AMOREPACIFIC Group.


What legacies from your father and your grandparents do you still maintain today?

Based on his strong belief that “a competitive edge in science and technology is essential for the company to become a global leader”, the late Chairman Suh Sung-whan established Korea’s first beauty R&D centre in 1954 and introduced innovative products featuring uncompromising quality.


As a result, he was able to keep his promise to change the lives of our customers to be healthier and more beautiful. I myself also keep uncompromising quality and innovation as a top priority. It is a value that my grandmother, father, and I have pursued in order to fulfill the mission of becoming the “Asian Beauty Creator”.


In particular, I strongly believe that we have the world’s leading technology in identifying the benefits of natural ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea and beans. These have been traditionally used in Korea in health and beauty routines for centuries right through to today, and boosting and modernising their skincare effects to the maximum extent is AMOREPACIFIC’s cutting-edge approach.


We have a 70-year accumulation of research in these heritage natural ingredients. AMOREPACIFIC has created the world’s first cosmetics that use extracts of ginseng and green tea, and this has laid the strong foundation for our global brands, such as Sulwhasoo and AMOREPACIFIC, delivering new value and beauty to global customers.


Please share with us your dreams.

AMOREPACIFIC Group has been able to enjoy strong support from its customers as we deliver brands and products that they have imagined coupled with our belief that “the world can change with beauty and beauty is the gift given to us to change the world”. I hope that our customers around the world would share our beauty philosophy and define with us as a company that puts priority on its customers.


Based on the Asian Beauty philosophy and dedication towards innovation that we have pursued for the past 70 years, we will continue to pursue and promote this idea of new beauty to the global market and help our customers enjoy happier and more beautiful moments in their lives.