With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, can you feel the love yet? The month of February is all about celebrating couples, flowers, chocolates, and everything in between. And what better way to celebrate this month than to read 10 adorable love stories from Indonesian couples who just tied the knot recently?

Franky Wijaya and Michele Mallorie Sunogofrankymichele.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Bali is always a good idea when it comes to celebrating a wedding. Newlyweds Franky Wijaya and Michele Mallorie Sunogo enjoyed their special night on the Island of the Gods. Their grand reception was held at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, with friends and family gathering around to celebrate the young couple’s nuptials.

Hebron Pribadi and Casey Tjahaja

Hebron Pribadi and Casey Tjahaja are definitely a couple who know how to celebrate their big day the grand away. The gorgeous couple celebrated with their guests at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, where friends and family were seen cheering loudly for the newlyweds. Casey looked ravishing in a white gown and Hebron just as stunning in a black suit.

Sharleen Bharwani and Randy HadipoespitoScreen Shot 2019-02-12 at 1.21.26 PM.png

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Sharleen Bharwani

Sharleen Bharwani and Randy Hadipoespito tied the knot last year at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. The venue was decorated with blooming orange flowers and pillars of white. As gorgeous as the venue looked, so did the couple, with Sharleen dolled up in a gorgeous white gown and Randy in a classy suit.

Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne Chang20190204143530-c034c596-1935-47fd-bdc8-77044a049f2d_resized_292x532.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of @aidatanihaha

In reference to the news circulating on social media and various online news recently, Richard and Shalvynne have tied the knot earlier this year at the Cathedral Church in Jakarta. Shalvynne looked like a real-life princess in a white wedding gown paired with a stunning tiara, while Richard looked handsome in his wedding suit.

Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry

In October 2018, our favourites, Maia Estianty and Irwan Mussry, became one. The gorgeous couple pledged their vows at Masjid Tokyo Camii in Japan and had their close family and friends join them. Maia walked down the aisle in a gorgeous Olive and her Narciss Bandit piece, which definitely made headlines for a long time, while Irwan looked well-groomed in a dashing grey suit.

Dennis Dharmawirja and Tiffany Pranantodennistiffany.png

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Prananto

Magical would be an understatement for Dennis Dharmawirja and Tiffany Pranato’s big day. Held in Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, Dennis and Tiffany united in marriage in a ballroom decorated in white flowers for the nuptials. Elsewhere, Tiffany wore a stunning gown with a long train by the famous Oscar de la Renta and with Dennis sporting a dapper black bow-tie suit.

Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven

Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven tied the knot last November. The two celebrated their grand reception at The Tribrata in the Opus Grand Ballroom, Jakarta, where guests were seen cheering for the pair. We love how Baim and Paula complement each other so well.

Fandy Gumanti and Victonia Wow20190121111021-Fandi_Victonia_3_resized_900x600.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

With a magnificent ceremony held at AYANA Midplaza, JAKARTA, Fandy Gumanti and Victonia Wow celebrated their happy day in a stunning way. Fandy, who made his appearance in a black suit, and Victonia, who looked like she was straight out of a fairy tale in a white gown by Yefta Gunawan, definitely knew how to make an entrance. The venue was decorated in flowers and looked like a magical garden.

Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang

The Crazy Rich Wedding of Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang definitely made headlines. Held at The Mulia Resort Bali, the wedding was known to be the grandest of the year in 2018. From world-class performers to abundant door prizes that included iPhones, the wedding was in a class of its own. Meanwhile, the couple also raised funds for the Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami victims.

Joel Hadijaya Sulendra and Richel Angelina Widjajaricheljoel.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

One thing we love to see are young couples celebrating their happily ever after. Joel Hadijaya Sulendra and Richel Angelina Widjaja celebrated their wedding night in a swanky way at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, where the magical ceremony became a night to remember.

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