Your wedding is the day you’ve been looking forward through your whole life, and when the big day gets closer, the pressure gets higher. As any couple knows, planning a wedding is a whole lot of work. The decisions and commitments to be made are literally uncountable. What makes it easier and puts your work under control is the right Event Organizer. The aim of every Event Organizer is to make your dream wedding a reality. So, which EO’s can you count on around Indonesia? Keep reading.

Amaya Wedding

With a 5-star rating and a countless number of positive reviews, Amaya Wedding sure knows how to do it right. Amaya Wedding has worked with a bunch of bride & groom, who look like their big day was absolutely successful. What piqued our interest is how this wedding coordinator does so well with flowers, of all kinds! Many of the couples they have worked with have had beautifully placed flowers on their wedding. So, if you’re looking for a team full of dedicated wedding coordinators and a team that not only helps the bride and groom, but the family too, Amaya Wedding seems to be the right one.

Innaz Communique

Based in Jakarta, Innaz Communique has a team full of well-prepared individuals who coordinate everything ranging from any form of entertainment all the way to airport pick-up and drop-off’s for international guest. This team gives every bride a chance to keep away all the wedding stress and focus on herself a little bit more. Innaz Communique have also done countless weddings in many different cities around the world including; Hawaii, India and Thailand, among others. What makes Innaz Communique exceptional is how they look into every little detail for your big day.

Sugarbee Wedding Organizer

Known for their professionalism, most couples love sugarbee due to the time and effort they put into fulfilling every responsibilities. The head of the team is known to always be there when you need her, perfect for every bride who needs an EO to be just a phone call away! This team can also provide you with any theme you want. With countless positive reviews online, brides sure have had a good wedding with Sugarbee as their wedding organizer.

Top Fusion Wedding

Top Fusion provides you with everything you need: photographers, entertainment, choreographer, decorations and unending services for your big day! Known to be flexible and unique, Top Fusion does their best in offering the maximum service to the bride and groom. Top Fusion has a reputation for excellent and reasonable priced wedding packages to keep you absolutely content.

Banner Photo: Photo Courtesy of Innaz Communique

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