Let’s talk about how important having a florist for your wedding day is. After all, what wedding is complete without a bunch of flower decorations brightening up the room and adding colour to it? Wedding day stress is always a hustle and bustle and choosing the right florist may appear to be an extra problem. With a number of flowers to choose from, keeping aside how you want to place them, it could end up being a huge confusion. But don’t worry: we’ve found four florists in Indonesia who will get the job well done and won’t disappoint!

Royal Design Indonesia

Royal Design Indonesia is known to make your flower fantasies come true. With a range of flowers and decoration choices, Royal Design is the florist you can definitely count on. Your wedding day will appear magical and extraordinary due to the amount of efforts they put in into color coding and decorating.

Magnolia Dried Flower

What an attractive name for a florist—we can only imagine how attractive it is at wedding decorations. Magnolia Dried Flower offers a range of services from the “Magnolia Wedding Glassdomne” to the “Magnolia Wedding Frame” and a lot more. This gives you a choice, maybe even to mix and match between flower designs for your big day. 

My Rose Pompon

We’re sure you’ve heard of this one before because of what makes it special. My Rose Pompon creates the most beautiful flower decorations and what makes them it more special is that it uses preserved flowers. Just image keeping the flowers for a longer period of time than you usually can. How lovely!

Nona Manis Creative Planner

Nona Manis can turn your wedding location into a magical garden. If you’re looking for a flower-themed wedding or even love the thought of having flowers at your wedding, Nona Manis seems to have it all. They will make sure to keep you happy with the choices of flowers they have.

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