Your wedding day is around the corner and the stress is high. All you really want to do is escape from this stress by munching on your favourite snacks. Every bride goes through a tough time planning her wedding because there’s so much to take into consideration, but in the end it's always worth it. However, one thing that each bride wants is to look fit and fabulous on her big day. Whether it’s losing a few pounds or just tone up, Indonesia Tatler has gathered four lifestyle tips you can follow during your pre-wedding.

Sweat it out!active-activity-adult-863926.jpg

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Working out is the simplest trick in the book. Yes, it may be hard to get a head start, but once you’re in it, the results you see can be massive. Whether its a 30 minutes or a 2 hours, each minute working out will definitely make a difference. We suggest to focus more on the arm, tummy or even leg workouts, because at the end of the day, working out will help enhance your natural glow.

 Eat well, drink well, sleep wellbreakfast-brunch-cell-phone-693269.jpg

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We know how remarkable you want to look in your wedding gown but that doesn’t mean you should completely stop eating. Perhaps replacing foods that are high in fat and calories with something more healthy and nutritious. For example, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, replacing milk chocolate with dark chocolate would work. These little things tend to make a difference to your whole diet. Staying hydrated is also an important part of losing weight. Skip the soda, juice and other sweet drinks for the time being and opt for water, instead. Water not only helps to clear your skin, but also helps to get rid of your body toxins. Last, when it comes to sleeping, however busy it gets, an 8 hour will always serves you well.

 Say no to alcoholalcohol-beer-beverage-1128975.jpg

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Celebratory drinks, hen parties, and what not! Your pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding will involve lots and lots of booze. Cutting down on alcohol will give you the chance to reduce on the excessive amount of calories it gives out. It is not only fattening, but is bad for your health as well. As we mentioned before, keep sipping on tones and tones of water instead.


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Every bride-to-be knows how hectic wedding plans can be. Stressing out is bad for the body and could lead to being overtired. Brides can de-stress by doing sports like boxing or even a Muay Thai session as a stress reliever before her big day. Don’t worry, everything’s going to turn out alright.

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