What is the importance of the perfect wedding gown? A wedding gown portrays how you look and how you feel on your big day and all of sure want to feel special! Choosing the right gown may require a lot of time and effort, but trust us, it's out there somewhere. Everything will feel right once you have the right gown. From Vera Wang to Zuhair Murad, all these gorgeous brides sure have left history with the wedding gowns they wore on their big days. Here are the 5 Indonesian ladies who wore wedding gowns that define fairytale.

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya

With a wedding that featured swans and unicorns, one can only imagine how magical the bride gown was. Chelsea’s gown by Hian Tjen was long and absolutely elegant. If you look closer, you are definitely to mistake her for a disney princess. We can only imagine how much time and effort was put into every little detail of this gorgeous gown. Chelsea completes her look with a tiara. This fairytale wedding is definitely one to put in the books.

Krisdayantikd wed.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of AlaFana

If you get a gown from Vera Wang on your big day, you definitely can not go wrong anywhere. Indonesian pop diva, Krisdayanti wore her white gown so beautifully. It was the perfect everything, from style to silhouette! Krisdayanti looked like a magical bride waiting for her prince charming to be swept off her feet. Krisdayanti completes her look by holding onto a beautiful bright and vibrant bouquet.

Sabrina Joseph

On her big day, Sabrina Joseph wore a beautiful white gown from the avant-garde luxury fashion house: Viktor&Rolf. Sabrina wears her gown down so perfectly for her Holy Matrimony. The gown was plain yet simply elegant. This gown was topped with the perfect veil to commence her big day.

Olivia Lazuardy

 Olivia Lazuardy wore a Yefta Gunawan piece for her special day and it looked so sophisticatedly unique! Her white gown came with a long white sheer outerwear. Lazuardy was also seen wearing a white gown along with the outerwear and a very elegant Rinaldy A. Yunardi headpiece.

Rachel Nathani

We can’t help but stare when it comes to this bride’s wedding gown! Wearing the perfect Zuhair Murad piece for her Holy Matrimony, Rachel Nathani looked extra stunning. Her floor-sweeping lace gown came along with a long and beautiful veil to complete her look. We can see how much effort Murad put into this gown, because it is definitely one-of-a-kind.

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