Let’s face it, every season is wedding season and there’s always someone tying the knot, right? Now, another substantial part of the big day is the wedding cake. Finding the perfect bakery who will meet up to your wedding cake requirements may be a little hard, because every minute detail counts, doesn’t it? Hereby, we’ve gathered 5 Indonesian bakeries that might just be of help to your problems. Keep reading!

 LeNovelle Cake

The bakery that defines royalty is LeNovelle Cake. From big, bright and beautiful castles cruise ships, this bakery looks into every detail. They create unrealistic cakes that will blow you away. 7 metre tall cakes, pagodas, and everything else; you name it, they bake it. The bakery was founded in 1993 and has grown since then and is now widely recognized worldwide. LeNovelle has branches in both Jakarta and Bali! If you’re looking for something royal and beauty beyond words that is, then you know where to go. It takes 24 people, 12 hours a day, one month plus to complete each of their pièce de résistances.

Eiffel Cake

Eiffel Cake is an Indonesian bakery that will definitely meet up to your expectations. As they say, “Romance is in the cake”, and we couldn’t agree more. With lots to offer, ranging from the type of cake, sizes, shapes and even flavors, your dream wedding cake might just come true with this Indonesian bakery. Whether its 2,3,4,5 or 6 tiers, Eiffel Cake will make it happen for you. From castles to floral themed cakes, it really is like a dream come true.


RR Cakes

From Lapis Surabaya to Chocolate Ganache, satisfy your taste buds with the various flavours this bakery sells to their customers. RR Cakes is all about the details, which means your cakes will have every little detail you want to see in it. “Customize your own cakes!” is their tag line and they sure do live up to it. They give customers the chance to choose the model, color and shape, so if you’re looking for a 3-tiered cake or even a 7-tiered one, this is your place. They even do hanging concepts!


Sugar Gallery Jakarta

Founded in 2013, Sugar Gallery is unique in its own way. They create simple, sophisticated, gorgeous and unique wedding cakes. Whether it’s a modern marble cake or a traditional one with flowers, Sugar Gallery will make your wish come true. With impeccable designs and sizes to choose from, you’ll never go wrong with them. All you need is love and cake, right?

Ivoire Cake Design

Pastry Chef, Olivia Hartono is the mastermind behind Ivoire Cake Design. Unicorns, flowers and what not, Ivoire Cake Design is like a magical bakery. Whether you like an elegant cake or you’re more of a minimalist, they get the job well done. With lots of choices to choose from, this bakery will give you its best. You can choose your own theme, shape, size, tier, colors and everything in between, as well!

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Banner: Photo Courtesy of LeNovelle Cake

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