The wedding gown you choose to wear on your big day is probably the most important thing you have to pick out in your entire life. The process sure takes a long time, as there are all kinds of responsibilities, especially for traditional ones, from choosing the right fit all the way to the right colour. Dressing up traditionally is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen on brides. So, we’ve picked five Indonesian socialites and celebrities who looked traditionally phenomenal on their big days.

Anandita Makes

Anandita Makes turned heads on her wedding day! Her outfit was a perfect mix of traditional and modern. Anandita wore a tubed dress covered in patterns and embellishments. The dress was primarily green and topped with different colours for the décor around the dress. What made it even cuter is that she and her better half, Narendra Adoe, were dressed up in the same fabrics!

Alexandra Asmasoebrat

Rama Dauhan Design Studio created the most alluring wedding gown for the outstanding racer Alexandra Asmasoebrata. Her outfit was all sorts of traditional. Focusing on huge amounts of red, Alexandra wore an elbow-sleeved full-length Bodo dress and the extra ruffles on each sleeve definitely made her stand out. Alexandra also wore several bangles on each arm that helped compliment her entire outfit. To complete her look, Alexandra put on a stunning traditional Bugis headpiece.

Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa definitely knows how to modernise a traditional look. Acha wore a fully embellished kebaya from Vera Kebaya. With bright colours and lots of decoration, Acha nailed the look on her special day. This kebaya deserves all the attention it can get because of how beautifully it was made. To make the outfit look even more outstanding, Acha completed her look with a traditional Javanese headpiece and garland of jasmine flowers.

Rosalindynata Gunawa

Designer Sebastian Gunawan definitely gave it his all for his niece Rosalindynata’s wedding kebaya. The red kebaya featured shades of stunning colours and Rosalindynata wore it perfectly. With a sachet/belt in between the outfit, Rosalindynata looked like her dress was straight out of a fairy tale. Her extraordinary, remarkable headpiece definitely helped finish the look for her wedding day.

Putri SelarasWhatsApp Image 2018-07-24 at 2.28.53 PM.jpeg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Putri Selaras

When it comes to traditional Indonesian wedding outfits, the kebaya and the headpiece are equally important. Putri Selaras Oesman managed to carry a fully flowered and diamond headpiece paired with Mel Ahyar’s gorgeous kebaya that complemented the Minang headpiece so well. Her silver kebaya was vibrant and bright, perfect for her most joyous day.

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