Everybody wants their big day to be glamorous—she’ll be all in white, he’ll be all in black, all eyes on them, and everything is perfect—but, as it turns out, this is not what 2019 has in mind for future brides and grooms. The past trends are on the cutting-room floor, and with a brand-new year come brand-new trends. So, as we challenge some of these good old traditions, we’ve gathered together the most outrageous wedding trends waiting for lovebirds in 2019. Groundbreaking or merely one-hit-wonders? You decide.

No longer all white


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While traditionally brides wear white and ivory, the brink of the decade has some debatable ideas to stir things up. It is predicted that brides will enjoy more colourful options for their wedding dress, so prepare yourselves for vibrant and to-the-point dresses for friends’ or relatives’ weddings—or perhaps even yours! If you’re a more conservative type, bridal stylist Lori Conley suggests tones of champagne and blush.

Simple silhouettes


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Another shocking prediction you may not expect is a very minimalistic type of design. Inspired by Meghan Markle’s simplistic wedding dress, the naked wedding dress has become one of the latest rages in the wedding industry. This type of dress requires less or even no lacework and beading to capture more of the blushing face of the bride.

Conceptual weddings


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People are getting more creative these days in terms of weddings—it is a competition of who has the most different and unique wedding now. So if any of your relatives has been a hardcore geek for Game of Thrones, do expect a “Winter is Coming” type of wedding. This craze has been even more of an outrage since the release of Crazy Rich Asians portraying Araminta and Colin Khoo having a fairy-themed barefoot wedding. So really, there’s no limit to this one. Perhaps Star Wars themed? Harry Potter? Your call.

Here come the sleeves


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Yet another effect of Meghan Markle’s simplistic outfit is the comeback of long-sleeved dresses. People have been madly in love with off-the-shoulder numbers and strapless gowns for so long that it’s become dull. While strapless dresses portray a revealing and casual style, long sleeves portray graciousness and elegancy. Even though long sleeves are commonly worn in winter and autumn, this is expected to be a mood for the whole year.

Go low-key


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This one would be the most outrageous wedding trend on this list. Forget heels and long skirts, 2019 will all be about sneakers and shorts. Convenience has become a major priority when it comes to the latest fashion trends, so if heels are not your thing, dear bride, put on some slip-ons or sneakers for your wedding day. Shorts have also become a thing, so you won’t have to worry about tripping and embarrassing yourself on the supposed happiest days of your life. Take a look at Chelsea Olivia’s or Cindy Crawford’s wedding for references.


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