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We know that choosing a wedding gown is not an easy task, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, right? And with so many gowns to choose from, it can be incredibly overwhelming.

But no worries, because recently we sat down with bridal and couture designer Rusly Tjohnardi to get his thoughts on choosing the right wedding gown for brides-to-be. Here, we enlist all the steps according to Rusly Tjohnardi to lessen your headache, so check out the 5 tips below on how to find the right style for your big day!

 1.      Do your homework

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Yes, you hear that right. As a bride, you need to do your research first in order to know what kind of gowns that you’d like to wear on your wedding day. According to Rusly Tjohnardi, it is really easy to tap into many different kinds of information nowadays, so brides-to-be out there, you got no excuse to be lazy!

Browse different kinds of wedding gowns on the Internet, or look at social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest where you can find tonnes of options for wedding gowns. Social platform such as Pinterest provides a feature to create special boards, where you can gather all of your favourite pins on one board so it is easier for you to formulate a clearer idea on what you want your gown to look like. Recently, Instagram also allows you to save photos that you like, so you can easily gather up your favourite looks for wedding gowns in one place. This way, it will make it easier for the designer as well.

Rusly said that brides who come to him and able to communicate clearly what they like and what they don’t like will make it easier for him to figure out the best style for the bride. So collect as much images as you can in terms of style of the gown, the cut, the fabric, the colour, finishing, details, makeup, hair and then put everything together as a collage. When brides and their designers have the same vision in mind, the result is often a satisfied client and  a good relationship between the designer and the client.

 2.      Communicate your vision with all parties involved

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After doing your homework, it is important to communicate to the designer about your preferences, what you like and what you don’t like. After aligning your vision together with the designer, go to the cake or decorations vendor with the same vision so you will get them to see the mood or effects that you would like to portray on your wedding day.

As an example, if your wedding theme is “Parisian Night”, then you would like guests who attend your wedding to enjoy a night as though they were in Paris, right? So you need to make sure that the cake vendor provides a cake with a Parisian touch and make sure the DJ spin some jazzy Parisian tunes to truly bring the spirit of Parisian night into your wedding day. Your wedding gown should have a Parisian influence as well, to make sure that it aligns with your overall wedding theme. 

 3.      Find a designer that listens to you

Photo: Courtesy of Rusly Tjohnardi (Instagram)

According to Rusly, each designer will have their own likings and style, but for him the most important thing is the personal touch that matters, and that can only results from good communication with the clients. He said that a good designer will listen, and observe carefully what the clients want. Designers should be able to make a proper presentation for their clients so that how the clients present themselves to the public eye will send the right message. Rusly said, there are so many designers on the Internet to choose from nowadays that have a good portfolio, but the ones that wants to do it from the heart, the ones that are willing to listen well is difficult to find. Choosing a designer is about chemistry as well, so choose wisely. Choose a designer that has keen eyes to observe as well as keen ears to listen to what you need.

 4.      Stick to a small circle of people that you trust

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Rusly advices brides-to-be to listen to people’s opinion, but not too much. We understand that you need to show your dress to other people in order to discuss with them as well as get their advice. But you don’t need to get too many people to give advice to you, because you will end up getting confused with all the different opinions. So stick to your inner circle of people that you trust, to limit yourself from making too many decisions. Choose people that will be able to listen and understand you and who is willing to give honest opinions.

 5.      Lastly, don’t put a limit on yourself

Photo: Courtesy of Rusly Tjohnardi (Instagram)

Nowadays, Indonesians are blessed with a lot of good and well-trained young and senior designer talents. Rusly said that brides are spoiled with a lot of choices as each designer have different brands, techniques and house creativity. There will be certain things that are particular or unique to that designer. On the event that you have a few functions, you can choose different designers for different functions.

 During fittings, anything can change as well, so for your big day, just try. It’s never wrong to try. Then if it doesn’t work, you and the designer can fine tune the right style for you. So don’t be afraid to try out new styles that in first glance might not be what you like. Who knows? It might turns out to be the ‘one’ for you. Some people get so caught up in a type of dress that they want to wear that they end up missing out on other great designs that will actually make them look or feel better. So ladies, please do not limit yourself! Keep exploring and you might end up with a treasure.

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