Every couple craves a beautiful and memorable wedding day, but how do you stand out and bring fresh ideas to your big day? We’ve rounded up six creative wedding ideas that are guaranteed to give you a breath of fresh air and add new perspectives when it comes to planning your special day.


Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses
Convention dictates that bridesmaids are dressed uniformly, but why not do it differently on your big day? As we know, bridesmaids’ dresses can look plain and oddly shaped, and the saddest part is that these clothes are only worn once in a lifetime. So give freedom to your bridesmaids to choose their own dress—in line with the dress code, of course—and the look will be unique, fresh and modern.


Food Vans
The idea of having a food van at a wedding is frankly brilliant, because not only will it be an interesting experience for everyone, but the menu served can also be as varied and ascreative as your imagination. Moreover, to add more spice to the big day, newlyweds can entertain their guests with games like ring toss, croquet or even a ping pong table.


Drone Wedding Shots
This is a fun way to take wedding picture sand it delivers the ultimate results. The range of pictures that can be taken also ranges from candid photos of the ceremony to an eagle-eye view of the entire event. Another highlight of using drones to take wedding pictures is absolute discretion—you don’t need to worry about guests being disturbed on the day.


Selfie Station
Everyone seems to have a love-hate relationship with selfies, but they’re here to stay, so a selfie station at your wedding is guaranteed to draw throngs of people. The steps are simple: set up a spot for the wall of fame and add props like fake glasses, fake mustaches or a meme inside and voila,wait for the crowds to come.


Circle-Shaped Invitations
The artyside of your wedding should start right from the invitation cards. Sure, with advancesin technology, most couples nowadays will resort to social media or a quick phone call or SMS. But nothing is classier than using good old wedding invitations. Also, couples can improviseby using different-shaped cards that scream traditional values coupled with modern style.


Hanging Flowers
Flowers have been the signature decoration for weddings forever, but that doesn’t mean that hanging flowers should be ditched by couples looking to try something new. Lovebirds can choose from suspended centre pieces right through to hanging backdrops to floating ceilings with additional decorations such as glass balls, crystals and canopies.


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