Choosing a wedding gown is perhaps the most frightening and nerve-wrecking part of wedding planning. With so many designers to choose from, a million outfit inspirations to decide from, and a substantial number of designs, choosing a wedding gown seems impossible at first. But when you find the perfect fashion designer who will guide you through every step of giving you your dream gown, everything seems possible. Indonesia is home to some of the best bridal designers who use both their talents and aptitudes to create the perfect works of art. We’ve chosen seven Indonesian bridal designers who have done exceptionally splendid jobs with all their brides.

Sebastian Gunawan

One of the biggest names in the Indonesian fashion industry is also one of Indonesia’s best bridal gown designers. With a running and successful ready-to-wear collection, Sebastian didn’t stop there and started designing bridal gowns. All his bridal pieces are jaw-dropping and absolutely gorgeous.

Sapto Djojokartiko Bridal

Whether it’s a long white gown or a traditional kebaya, Sapto Djojokartiko’s Bridal line encompasses shining and attractive designs. Sapto gives brides the smiles they all want on their big days because they know they have the perfect and ideal wedding dress on. Sapto uses all kinds of materials ranging from lace to sequins and everything in between. His dresses will make each and every bride shine on her special day.

Anne Avantie

Known as the most expensive kebaya maker in Indonesia, Anne Avantie also makes the most beautiful traditional outfits. She gives kebayas a touch of the modern, making them rather distinctive from every other wedding gown. Whether it’s fancy or a simple piece, the beloved designer will make sure you get what’s best for you. Anne Avantie is a genius when it comes to patterns and colours. Brides, if you’re looking to get a little traditional, you know where to go.

Albert Yanuar

Yet again, another designer who pays attention to each and every detail. Luckily for all his brides, Albert Yanuar makes a remarkably special gown for each one. Albert’s wedding gowns can be customised from head to toe and the designer will give it his all. It’s also well known that Albert gives all his designs a final check before presenting his work to his beloved clients.

Yefta Gunawan

Yefta Gunawan pours his hard work into every detail his bride wants. He has the ability to transform every bride’s fairy-tale dreams into reality on her big day. Yefta’s pieces are distinctive and each of his many brides are all seen carrying a different look. How is it possible for Yefta to be so creative and intelligent with bridal gowns both at the same time? It’s what we call talent.

Melta Tan

Melta Tan started off in 2006 as an evening dress designer, eventually finding profound love in designing wedding gowns several years later. When you turn your hobby into a job, you know you’re doing everything right and nothing will go wrong. Combining simplicity, floral, and glittery aspects, Melta will make every bride stand out in her impeccable designs.

Imelda Kartini

Imelda Kartini is best known for how she expresses patterns on wedding dresses. She has created some of the most sophisticated gowns you could ever lay your eyes on, and she doesn’t limit her gowns to merely white as most of her brides have also been seen in gold, red, and silver colours. Most of her dresses boast gorgeous patterns that fit so perfectly. If you’re a pattern girl, you know where to go now.

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Banner: Photo Courtesy of Yefta Gunawan

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