With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle happening this Saturday, we have scoured and searched for the best wedding themes from Indonesian society to fuel your wedding fever and maybe help those of you who are planning for your current or future wedding.

 Ana Octarina and Adie Nurzaman Sutadisastra

Ex-member of Princess Band Ana Octarina finally tied the knot with her long-time lover Adie Nurzaman Sutadisastra. For their wedding, which was held at Taman Kajoe, Ana and Adie used natural and rustic themes in a harmonious celebration of neutral colours and a pleasant atmosphere filled with laughter. The reason behind the theme was because Ana and Adie wanted to thank Mother Earth and nature—hence, the combination of green, chocolate, and other earthy tones gave off a calming atmosphere throughout the wedding.

 Raisa Adriana and Hamish Daud

Raisa and Hamish Daud are two big names in the Indonesian entertainment industry, but they chose a low-key wedding theme to celebrate their union. After their traditional Sundanese wedding in Jakarta, they continued their journey with a modern rustic wedding theme in Bali because Hamish grew up and spent his childhood on the Island of the Gods. Located in Villa Plenilunio, their nuptials boasted wood elements combined with various flowers and palettes ranging from red, purple, and pastels all over the place, bathing them in a soft and warm atmosphere.

 Ringgo Agus Rahman and Sabai Morscheck


Photo: Courtesy of Morden.co

Ringgo is a comedian and actor who makes other people laugh with his silly antics, and he imbued that humorous and fun character into his wedding with actress Sabai Morscheck. As a fun couple who love adventure, they chose an elegant and village-themed wedding in various pastel colours.

 Dion Wiyoko and Fiona Anthony

Dion and Fiona chose Bali as their wedding setting due to the amazing natural landscapes. Dion knows that his personality along with his wife’s fitted into the idea of an intimate wedding with plenty of nature-inspired trinkets. The overall theme was white, simplistic, and full of romance, which truly highlighted their love for each other.

 Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis

Photo: Courtesy of Axioo

Sandra Dewi is known for her love of Disney characters and her wedding in Tokyo Disneyland was the true embodiment of her childhood dream. Their wedding was inspired by the winter: Sandra’s favourite season. A colour palette of white and blue was used to complement the various colours of Cinderella’s castle. With Sandra looking like a real-life fairy-tale princess and Harvey looking like a dashing Prince Charming, no wonder their wedding was dubbed the best fairy-tale wedding of the year.

 Marcel Chandrawinata and Deasy Priscilla

Marcel and Deasy opted for a low-key wedding with a garden party theme to celebrate their union in Kuta, Bali. The holy matrimony was held in Santo Fransiskus Xaverious church where both of their beaming faces could be seen throughout the whole procession.

 Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono

Beautiful actress Tyas Mirasih chose a celebration with a rustic garden party theme in which she looked stunning in a white kebaya with intricate lace designs. Her elegance was further highlighted during the reception with an elegant pastel-coloured gown, fitting the decorations adorning the wedding hall in Jakarta.

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