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A wedding dress is a once-in-a-lifetime choice, so it has to be perfect. However, with so many options out there it is hard to choose a final design. To help, here are eight wedding trends that are looking to be popular in 2018.

A new colour schemecolour.jpg

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Many designers have been showcasing bubblegum pinks, dusty roses and Champagne pink shades and replacements for the normal white. This isn’t the first time that colours have been a talking topic when choosing a dress. In the past season blue has been a popular substitute, but now it seems to be making way for “pretty in pink”.

The return of the ball gownball gown.jpg

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For many years skin-tight wedding dresses have been the norm with many movies popularising the figure hugging style. However, it now looks like it is time for the ball gown to make a comeback. Glamorous, opulent and the perfect touch to a fairy-tale wedding.

Hitting the dance floordance.jpg

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It not an unusual thing for a bride to have two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Yet it seems a new addition to the wedding dress options. Be it sequins, fringe or feathers many unique additions are being added to dress designs to add something extra in order to make the best dance-themed dress.

An all-weather additionjacket.jpg

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Weddings can be an indoor or an outdoor event with any number of weather and scenery options, so it is the perfect time to use a jacket. A common part of any women’s wardrobe, a stylised jacket it the perfect finishing touch to an elegant wedding dress. 

Ditching the veil for the capecape.jpg

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Where once ladies would use a veil they are now instead looking for something a bit more alternative. Capes are an increasing trend as they offer a sense of two outfits in one. Wear it outdoors and then remove it for indoors or vice versa either way it is an easy way to get two dress in one.

What’s up your sleeve?sleaves.jpg

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There are so many elements to a dress that can make a statement or bring something new to the table. This year designers have chosen sleeves as a way for a bride to express themselves. Dramatic lengths or elegant slits there a number of unique options and styles.

Short and Charmingtea party.jpg

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What better way to celebrate the amazing wedding shoes you’ve just bought than choosing a shorter dress. More and more designers are turning to tea length dresses for a more charming take on the bigger or longer gown.

Prepared for anythingpants.jpg

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A wedding day can be a crazy 24 hours with many different events, places or changes taking place so a dress sometimes needs to be as effective as possible. Therefore, pants, jumpsuits and suits are becoming great solutions when you have multi-day events ahead of you.

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