Although they were often apart through their nine years of courtship, through faith, commitment, and mutual devotion, the young couple continues to grow closer each day. “Arya leads the relationship,” Angeline, 25, admits. “I’m a person who doesn’t take well to surprises, but he would suddenly appear at the hotel lobby during my holiday or at my house—anywhere around the world, really.” During short visits like these, they would scout around the city to hunt for food—a common passion that is shared between the soon-to-be married couple.Arya Angeline 3 Jan_0012.jpg

In this relationship, distance has only made the heart grow fonder, from its intercontinental beginnings to the present day as Arya travels frequently between countries to head a venture capital fund. While a long-distance relationship is something usually avoided by most, Arya and Angeline’s relationship officially started only two months shy of her departure to London. “I told her that she doesn’t need to be concerned about the distance because our time apart is a very short time if we consider the time that we will spend together in the future,” Arya says. He goes on to reminisce about the time when he officially asked her to “be with him always”, when Angeline chimed in “Yes, I was asked in the midst of a traffic jam in Senayan.” We all laugh as Arya confesses: “Well, it was a good strategy as she had to say yes or endure the awkward silence that would have ensued if she declined!”Arya Angeline 3 Jan_0134.jpg

A friendship forged from childhood, Angeline and Arya also put their trust in their faith in bringing them together. When asked about how they knew they were meant for each other, Arya says: “Mutual circles of friends showed the kind of person she is, and prayers and fasting also helped to see the signs
along our journey.”

“Arya is this big-picture guy who puts God first,” Angeline shares. “I look to him in our relationship and became surer of us as we went along.” Along with faith, the couple’s complementary personalities also put them above the odds—Arya is quick to identify and chase his big visions while Angeline is his anchor and constant. As one leads, the other follows, and hand-in-hand they take their first step into the next chapter of their lives.DRE_1544.jpg

Congratulations to Angeline and Arya on their union! Look forward to more details in our September issue or click here.

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