When it comes to honeymoon destinations, there are some obvious choices picked by most newlyweds. But we decided to seek inspiration from our local celebrities and round up a list on which you can see different honeymoon destination options to give you some ideas for your upcoming honeymoon. Or for those who aren’t planning a honeymoon right now, who says you can’t plan your future honeymoon in advance? It’s always fun to plan and imagine, we say. So read on.

 Chicco Jericho and Putri Marino, London 

Seen taking photos at landmarks around London, such as the famous red phone booth, a double decker bus and the London Eye, newlyweds Chicco Jericho and Putri Marino looked happy as they took pictures of each other, kissing each other’s cheeks, and enjoying classic Turkish snacks.

 Marcel Chandrawinata and Deasy Prescilla, Japan 

Marcel and Deasy could be seen striking couple poses on the popular streets of Tokyo, dressing up in classic kimonos, and beaming so brightly with Marcel often staring lovingly at his wife. His hashtag #deasythewife was never absent during his honeymoon Instagram posts, clearly showing us how much he was proud of Deasy officially being his wife. For all the single ladies out there, hold those tears.

Dion Wiyoko and Fiona Anthony, United States

With Dion’s exceptional photography skills, every shot of Dion and Fiona’s honeymoon successfully made us want to pack our bags and jet off to the US despite not being married nor having the need for a honeymoon. Their honeymoon photos showed them traversing the States from Arizona to New York. Dion beautifully captured the spirit of New York’s streets to its famous yellow cabs to the mountainous glory of Yosemite and the famous arches and bridge in Brooklyn, showing us how useful it is to have a significant other with great photography skills.

 Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud (India, Italy and Maldives)

We might say that Raisa and Hamish set the bar high for the best honeymoon ever as they traipsed along several continents from Asia to Europe. They were seen honeymooning in India, where they hired a photography service to take phenomenal photographs of them in traditional Indian garb in front of the Taj Mahal before dipping in the brilliant blue-green sea of the Indian Ocean and a luxurious stay at Club Med Finolhu in Maldives. They were soon also seen enjoying authentic Italian dishes in Napoli and a romantic photography session in Venice.

Raditya Dika and Annisa Aziza

As a comedian, Raditya Dika manages to find the time to make us laugh with his comedic acts in places around Thailand and Bali. He managed to post his flirty frog dance and even pretended to be eaten by a crocodile statue in Bali. He can also be seen lying down on the streets in Thailand doing God-knows-what while Annisa can be seen alongside him matching his silly behaviour.

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