Please share with us your biggest inspiration on enhancing the beauty of the women in Indonesia?

All women in Indonesia have something unique about them. Each province, from Sabang to Merauke, has their own exoticism of culture and as a makeup artist I merely enhance what is already there -- their culture and traditions inspire me to reveal their inner and outer beauty. 

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement? 

For me being a part of someone's special day, and being a part of their unforgettable moments in their life, is my biggest achievement. 

What are the makeup trends in the wedding industry for 2015? 

I think bold and wing eyeliner are still in, combined with fresh colours such as soft blue, pink, magenta, orange and peach. The trend is definitely colour statements. 

What is the secret to creating the perfect bridal makeup? 

Healthy skin is definitely the secret to flawless beauty, and the perfect makeup happens because a bride has a healthy skin, that makes the look more natural and effortless. 

Do you do traditional bridal makeup. such as the traditional Javanese "paes", and what defines it from the norm? 

Yes, I do. Traditional bridal makeup is a little bit more dramatic than the norm. It can be seen from how the makeup gets applied from the eyes to the lips, and usually 'paes' is based on the bride's facial proportion. 

What are the essential dos and don'ts for a bride in order to maintain her makeup so that it will be flawless and long lasting for her special day? 

I always suggest that brides-to-be have enough rest and drink enough mineral water, and do not be stressed about their wedding. This is easier said than done, as usually the brides become bridezilla on her weding day. (Laughs) But seriously, stress affects the bride's skin. Spa treatments are very helpful for relaxation. For face treatments, I forbid my brides to have any chemical treatments, because it may cause their makeup to be less long lasting on their special day. 

What is beauty? 

Being beautiful is not being someone else, but being YOU and being comfortable with it. 

Besides the bride, in our ever-evolving metrosexual world, can a groom also wear makeup? 

I do not forsee any problems if the groom wants to wear makeup, as long as it is light and matches his skin tone for a very natural look.