Planning a wedding anytime soon and looking for new cake designs? Look no further!

Nowadays, it’s quite common to have unconventional wedding cakes. You might think that your choices are limited, but every year there are usually at least three new trends.

This year, we’re lucky enough to see four different trends that we think you might like. Browse through the slides to see 2017’s best wedding cake trends.

Watercolour Cake

watercolorcake - credit Maria Lamb.jpgPhoto: Photo courtesy of Maria Lamb

Who wouldn’t want an artwork for a cake, especially on your special day? The watercolour cake has certainly taken the world by storm this year. If you want to know the trick to creating the perfect watercolour effect, cake artisans often use either alcohol or beetle juice as the solvent for the colour. But if you’re not a fan of fondant cakes, don’t worry: the watercolour look can also be achieved through layering soft-coloured buttercream on the cake.

 Geode Cake

Geode cake - vanillabakeshop.jpgPhoto: Photo courtesy of Vanilla Bakeshop

If soft colours aren’t for you and you prefer something a little bit “extra”, the geode cake might be just what you need. Not only does the design add colour to your wedding, its structure is also alluring. Cake artisans often carve layered fondant cakes into an abstract geode shape before covering the hole with more fondant and sprinkling sugar crystals on it. Of course, the flamboyance of the cake depends on you, so if you still want something quite simple, simply adjust the geode colour to your liking. 

 Metallic Drip Cake

Drip cake -midnight sun cakery.jpgPhoto: Photo courtesy of Midnight Sun Cakery

Move over naked cakes, it’s time for drip cakes to take the spotlight! This year we’ve seen the seemingly normal drip cake take a different turn. Instead of the usual chocolate ganache, gold or copper drips are more commonly used for wedding cakes. If you want something more rustic, simply request for a naked or semi-naked cake so that the layers of the cake can still be seen. To top it all off, metallic drip cakes are usually decorated with additional flower arrangements. 

Brushstroke or Feather Cake

16908680_180789795745271_5048657382691831808_n.jpgPhoto: Photo courtesy of Kalabasa

It’s not the first time that structurally intriguing cakes triumph over minimalistic cakes. Brushstroke and feather cakes are certainly on top of the list. While the brushstroke cake is more common for birthdays and other events that usually involves colourful cakes, its spinoff—the feather cake—is perfect for brides and grooms who like to maintain their white wedding theme without jeopardising the artfulness of the cake.

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