There are a variety of styles that a bride-to-be can choose from for her big day, but one thing’s for sure: now is no longer the time for weddings to feature only traditional styles. Wedding dresses are not always should be exaggerated 'princess' look, or big voluminous ball gowns with heavy layers and large embroidery, and jewellery is not always traditional diamonds or something bling or that sparkles way too much.

That’s because luxury can come from a simple but extraordinary look perfect for those who love original designs. This is what Eliana Putri Antonio, Founder of EPAJEWEL, believes as she told Indonesia Tatler.

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Eliana recently launched her own bridal jewellery line called EPAJEWEL Bridal as a reflection of the newest luxury bridal trends. As Eliana put it: millennials no longer look for jewellery pieces that are over the top, as they prefer more personal and valuable collectable pieces that are worth keeping.

As the trend for resort weddings continues to grow, Eliana believes that over-the-top pieces appear to be a thing of the past. And a stunning piece of custom fashion jewellery along with simple and classic dresses now feel the most modern and chic.

With EPAJEWEL Bridal, Eliana’s vision is one in which brides will feel not only confident, but will also exclaim: ‘Oh, it’s so me!’. That’s why Eliana daringly calls her collection ‘the new luxury’: the kind of luxury in which the bride can be in charge of the design and, at the same time, be themselves on their special day.

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Indonesia Tatler recently collaborated with EPAJEWEL Bridal for a video that highlights current bridal trends, especially trends in the world of bridal jewellery. With our beautiful Tatler friend, influencer and young socialite Vannya Istarinda as the talent, we highlight two themes in this video.

The first is a modern and sophisticated look, with a clean and elegant yet stylish embellishment-free white gown from SebastianSPOSA that looks both timeless and modern, which is paired with jewellery from EPAJEWEL Bridal, from a crown, earpiece and belt, adding a healthy dose of glamour to the bride’s look.

The second is a fascinating traditional look, with a goldfish cheongsam dress from Stella Lunardy with embellishments and unique appliques that signifies prosperity and take our breaths away, which is suitable for the tea pai ceremony. This dress is then paired with jewellery and accessories from EPAJEWEL Bridal, from hairpiece, earpiece, and bag, which then deliver an impression of a chic and classy vibe that is totally fabulous for those who want to make a statement on their big day.

The video aims to inspire the bride-to-be and the public generally to discover more options for their big day, and to make a powerful and refined statement that is tastefully timeless. Because luxury doesn’t always have to be excessive—it’s about appreciating the ideas of quality and craftsmanship. Watch the video above to get inspired!

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