After planning their wedding day some couples might feel too overwhelmed to plan their honeymoon. After all, they have to strike that perfect balance between location, ambience and atmosphere to make the trip special. Of course, choosing a picturesque destination will also help couples cherish their honeymoonmemories for longer, because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So here are the top-10 honeymoon destinations according to Pinterest.


Italy is an amazing destination for those whowant a trip without complications. The country has become the number-one destination search on the Internet and will always be a target for newlyweds to spend much-needed quality time together. We recommend the breath-taking district of Cinque Terre in Italy, where couples can walk lazily among the streets of La Spezia that stretch to Levanto and Vernazza.


Can there be another city more romantic for a honeymoon than Paris? Known as “the city of love”, couples can ventureto the iconic Eiffel Tower, astounding landmarks like the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral,and, of course, there are always the wonderful Parisian coffees and wines served at chiccafés and restaurants all over the town.


Imagine white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters faraway from any crowds and you will be bit closer to imagining the magnificence of Bora Bora. Located northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, the island offers myriad luxurious hotels and resorts that will make any honeymoonersfeel like the world belongs only to them. 


For newlyweds looking for a unique honeymoon experience, Iceland haslong beenan answer. First, the beautiful country is blessed with unsurpassed natural phenomena, such as magical views of the Aurora Borealis. Second, couples shouldn’t miss out on the experience of plunging into natural mineral hot springs to enjoy anin-water massage. Other interesting activities include riding across the Icelandic countryside. Third, the nightlife is famously (or infamously) bustling. Tatler Tip: Check out the scenic Hestheimar horse ranch located under the great volcano Hekla, or the Skagafjörður region located in northern Iceland.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

For couples wanting to experience winter sports together, what could be better than the majestic Swiss Alps? With theirworld-class slopes, newlyweds can enjoyskiing, ice-skating and even sledging here. For accommodation, lovebirds can spend their precious time inside one of the many lavish chalets that dot the area, sipping sweet champagne near a warm hearth in the middle of snow-capped mountains.


Honeymooning in Greece will feel like a trip back in time with the country’s ancient history the main attraction. Couples can visit Athens—once the cradle of great civilisations—and, of course, Venice with its Grand Canal and Saint Mark's Basilica. No matter where you go, there are chunks of history for everyone. Another fact that makes Italy a great destination for honeymooners are the gastronomic experiences. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets and pristine white washed villas at Cape Sounion while drinking ouzo at a café and taking bites of Taramasalata. Mama mia, we are in love!

Lankanfushi Island, the Maldives

Honeymooning in the Maldives is guaranteed to be exclusive and secluded, and the closest you can get to newlywed heaven is on Lankanfushi Island, with its crystal-clear lagoons, wonderful beaches, and plenty of options for candlelit dinners under the starry skies. The island also features many luxurious resorts that promise a honeymoon experience to last a lifetime.

Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada

The rustic Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia was built in 1902 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, while the Yoho National Park, just 40 kilometres west of Lake Louise, is known for its hiking and cross-country ski trails. The area is enveloped by rows of palm trees set against a natural landscape making it perfect for couples seeking a quiet time and to get close to nature.

Ubud, Bali

Named many times over as one of world’s best destinations, Ubud is the perfect spot for a tranquil honeymoon destination in many newlyweds’ books. And how can it not be? The small town on Bali doesn’t just offera beautiful countryside setting, but also myriad romantic private villas equipped with spacious beds, deep pools and delicious private chef services. Away from the hustle and bustle, Ubud offers immense rice fields, green pastures and even a monkey forest to visit.

Kyoto, Japan

Compared with the frenetic energy of Japan's capital city Tokyo, Kyoto is a more traditional town. You can relax and reflect at hundreds of shrines and temples or stroll through peaceful traditional gardens. But Kyoto’s most beautiful viewsare during the spring or fall—in spring, the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, while fall reveals a beautiful mix of classic autumn colourscascading across picture-perfect towns. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a leisurely walk around Gion, past machiya (wooden townhouses), and the Shirakawa canal and teahouse.

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