Living the urban lifestyle has its ups and downs. As cosmopolitan residents we are constantly exposed to new advancements from technology to new style to live our life. However, the downside is that we cultivate the fast-pace lifestyle and mentality that can make us to ignore the small and more important little things in life. Knowing these facts, it is important to keep a balance lifestyle for the mind, body and soul. Here are the 5 healthy lifestyle habits you can adopt in 2017!


Breakfast For Champions

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Most Indonesians used to skip breakfast, whether it is due to a tight morning schedule or simply they skip meals and prefer to eat lunch. However, what many of us didn’t know is if you skip this morning meal, your whole day will be not as productive as you would like. Also, chances are if you skip your breakfast you will be tempted to munch of snacks that are high on fat and sugars that are not healthy for the body as it could lead to diabetes and other serious diseases if we consumed on daily basis.



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The meditation wave has slowly but surely got adopted in many countries around the world, including in Jakarta. But, most people still underestimated the value of meditation exercise. With easy and proper meditation techniques, the exercise can help to calm your nerves and chattering minds, and bring you the inner peace you desired. Moreover, meditation can also help you to focus and be more positive, which goes without saying that having a positive mind will reduce one’s stress level.


New Activities to Do

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The truth is: we all get bored from our mundane, continuous routines. But, how can we overcome it? There are several easy ways to do this, for example you can begin to distract yourself with new hobbies or find some new activities to do. By doing these things it could provide your brain with new exercise and the enjoyment from doing new things can loosen up your tenses.


Healthy Heart

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Do you know that cardiovascular disease is still the second highest killer in Indonesia? And it can be avoided by adopting a healthier lifestyle: consuming more fruits and vegetables that are proven to provide an abundance of heart-health benefits, such as strawberries, blueberries, broccoli and spinach. Another way to have a healthy heart is by quit smoking and avoid being a passive smoker along with doing exercise for 30 minutes per day.


Love Yourself

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Perhaps the most important point in order to have a healthier lifestyle is by loving yourself. Start from reflecting on your inner self: learn how to accept yourself, be confident and train yourself to think positively by being optimist and constantly being grateful. Remind yourself of these positive attributions every day and see how it will affect your body, mind and soul.


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