When it comes to wellness, many would think of yoga first. Originating in India, yoga has become a staple part of healthy living. And yoga studios can be found all across the capital, with the result being that choosing one can be a little overwhelming. So, to help here are five unique yoga studios that offer something a little extra right here in Jakarta.

 Rumah Yoga

Located in Kebayoran Baru, this studio and spa offers a full range of styles and practices. Whatever type of yoga you’re looking for, you will find it here. And afterwards, you can enjoy all the delights of the spa for a full wellness experience.

 Nuju Bulan Studio

As well as standard classes, this studio, also based in Kebayoran, offers mother-and-baby classes. A perfect way to relax after a busy nine months, it is also a great way to increase the bond between mother and child.

 Yoga @42 Jakarta

Remember to hydrate before trying this rather unique yoga style. Practiced in a room heated to 40°C Bikram is not for the undedicated. The style is said to stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons while also oxygenating your blood throughout 100 per cent of your body. The result is the restoration of your body to healthy working order

 Union Yoga

If you enjoy yoga, then why not make a party of it? Union Yoga, which can be found in Gading Serpong, offers a range of group yoga parties and other associated enjoyments. Occasionally, you might even get to take part in a “glow in the dark” yoga party.

 Jakarta Do Yoga

With so many studios to choose from, many places offer unique packages as well as styles. However, Jakarta Do Yoga in Menteng has moved away from gimmicks and stays with quality. All year round, you can find some of the best regional and guest yoga instructors here giving classes for a very reasonable price. So why not learn yoga from some of the best people in the country and beyond?

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