For those people seeking inner peace or simply a moment of silence, meditation is an essential part of life. However, finding a place to sit still in silence in a city as busy as Jakarta can be near impossible. To help you find your next moment of enlightenment, here are six guided meditation centres in Jakarta.

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Offering many different forms of meditation, the Golden Space is perfect for people with experience or someone just starting out. As well as groups and specialised forms, you can also choose one-on-one sessions to truly get the most out of your time there. Also, all belief structures and religions are welcome.

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A highly regarded establishment across the city, Brahma Kumaris is a trusted place to take the time to find your inner peace and spiritual centre. The structure of the course or programme is focused on the notion of the eight powers, which all have their own path. The courses can be enjoyed at one of the many centres and they also have online courses for those who which to try meditation at home.

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Located in West Jakarta, the Tergar Meditation Centre is known across Asia and even has centres in America and Europe. Those who begin their inner journey here will follow the “Joy of Living” programme, which has three steps and begins with seminars in which Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche shares his valuable teachings on calming and opening the mind.

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From beginners’ classes to more experienced teachings, Bodhi Meditation has it all. Classes are taught in both English and Indonesian and offer participants the chance to increase their energy and meet with like-mined individuals on organised retreats. This is all done under the watchful eye of Jin Bodhi, the master of the centre.


Although L’Ayurveda is actually a wellness spa and not a meditation centre, it does focus on rejuvenating the soul, mind, inner energy and body. This is done with a range of therapies and detox sessions that produce very relaxing results with meditation elements. 

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With centres in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali, Anand Ashram Meditation is a favourite among many looking for “meditation as a lifestyle”, which also happens to be the centre’s mantra. The centre offers many forms of mediation as well as reiki and yoga. If you are interested, they have open-house invitations in both Jakarta and Bogor.

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