Breakfast is recognised as being the most important meal of the day and for good reason. If you have a busy day ahead of you, then you’ll want to start it with the best source of energy and other morning benefits you can. So to help you with your next breakfast choice we have listed six ingredients that will give you the best start before your busy day even begins. 



We have already mentioned the versatility of eggs when it comes to creating delicious dishes, so it is no surprise that they are also a great choice to start your day. Eggs are packed with high amounts of proteins and a range of vitamins and minerals, and with so many ways to enjoy them they are a great way to set you up for a busy day.

Bananas and grapefruit


While bananas do give you lots of instant energy due their high sugar content, they should always be mixed with a yogurt or other fruit in order to balance your early morning start. A good choice would be to also enjoy a grapefruit with your breakfast, as they contain fibre, potassium, lycopene, and vitamin C, all of which are vital when building up your energy in the morning.



Most people will think of oranges or other citrus fruits when looking for vitamin C sources, but berries are a much more reliable choice. Offering a lot of versatility, much like eggs, when it comes to preparation, berries are a very tasty choice for fruit bowls, oatmeal, or smoothies.

Greek yogurt


Having yogurt for breakfast is a staple for many as it a great way to mix a number of things together. However, Greek yogurt is a perfectly healthy option on its own due to its high protein content and lower levels of carbohydrates and sugar. This means that you are getting more of what you need with regards to creating and storing energy in the mornings.



Any heathy establishment offering breakfast will have its own style or make of oatmeal. This is due to just one cup of it offering about 150 calories, four grams of fibre and six grams of protein. As a result, you won’t find yourself wanting any snack as your body has all the energy it needs. Also, you can add some honey or almond butter for a bit of extra flavour.



The many different types and styles of tea come with extra benefits ranging from the prevention of heart-related diseases to prevention against certain forms of cancer. However, drinking black tea in the morning will also help to prevent viruses occurring in the mouth and gums, and drinking oolong tea will help boost your immune system. Two things they could do you a world of good in the morning.

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