Sleep is a crucial aspect of keeping a healthy body and mind. Without proper sleep, it’s hard to keep your mind sharp throughout the day. We have picked out six gadgets that can help you get quality sleep every night. Here are some of the most innovative gadgets to optimise your shut-eye. 

1/6 Bose noise-masking sleepbuds


Can’t sleep because there’s too much noise? These Bose sleepbuds can block out all kinds of noise, especially loud snores that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to worry about sleeping on your side as they are wireless and sit comfortably in your ears all night. The sleepbuds mask unwanted noise by playing Bose’s selection of “soothing sounds” that helps you sleep soundly until morning. A cool feature of the sleepbuds is that you can set wake-up alarms that only you can hear, so your companion can continue dozing off while you get ready for work.

2/6 Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light


If you are sick of hearing your alarm go off in the morning, the Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light is the perfect alarm for you. Our body has a natural response to wake up with the sun and this light will help you do that without the disturbing sound of a ringing alarm or being jolted out of a deep sleep. It can simulate a sunset to get you into snoozing mode, while the sunrise simulation helps you wake up naturally and feeling more refreshed.

3/6 Circle Home Plus


There is no doubt today that everyone uses their phones and gadgets almost 24/7. We have a hard time staying away from our phones or laptops. This gadget is perfect for monitoring tech usage and promoting overall digital wellness. Circle Home can help you shut down early and its bedtime and pause features can automatically disconnect and reconnect to the internet at scheduled times to help its users follow a healthy sleep schedule. Don’t let your parents know about this device.

4/6 SomniLight Red LED Night Light

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 2.53.55 PM.png

Surprisingly, red has proven to be the most conducive color for a sound sleep. Unlike blue light, red light does not interfere with melatonin production. Instead, it actually promotes it. So what better way than to install this red LED light in your bedroom to help you sleep like a baby.

5/6 Sound + Sleep SE


You may not realise it but the subtle sounds from your environment can inhibit your sleep. Sound + Sleep SE is the solution to that. This gadget has 64 immersive sounds from the environment to mask disruptive noises and give yourself better sleep and relaxation. Its “Adaptive Sound” technology has the ability to analyse your environment and adjust the volume accordingly. You can even connect the sound machine to your speaker pillows.

6/6 SmartDuvet Breeze


If you live in a city with fluctuating temperatures, this duvet is perfect for you. How many times has your sleep been interrupted because you are shivering one minute and sweating the next? The SmartDuvet Breeze provides the best of both worlds as it has a network of small air channels to deliver air that is either conditioned or warm so you can control the temperature and sleep comfortably. Furthermore, this duvet can make itself so you can hop out of bed in the morning without ever having to worry about coming home to a messy bed.

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