If you’re new to yoga, you have a lot of options, because there are many types of yoga to choose from. But no matter what style of yoga you choose to do, one thing for sure is you can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.

So, what about Vinyasa? Commonly referred to as flow yoga, Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles of yoga in the world today. And recently, we got the chance to have a short talk with a yoga instructor, Aprishi Allita, about Vinyasa Flow yoga, at the “Yogathering” event presented by Young Living X Indonesia Tatler at Glass House at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jakarta.

Since 2014, Aprishi has become a yoga instructor in Indonesia and holds happy and cheerful classes focusing on the positivity that is brought out by yoga. She is also a member of #TeamFaster with Puma Indonesia. Aprishi shared with us about the type of yoga she teaches, the best places to do yoga, and her advice to anyone who wants to start from scratch. 

Can you tell us more about the yoga style you teach?

Most of the time I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga. Vinyasa Flow is a type of yoga that is characterised by non-stop flow—non-stop moving and not the yin style, which is like static meditation. Vinyasa is the type of yoga that moves from one pose to another, so it’s a non-stop body workout. It’s more physical than for the soul.

Do you have a favourite or recommended yoga pose and why do you recommend it?

Actually, I have a lot of favourite yoga poses. If I feel tired in my back, I do back-bent poses. If I feel a little bit uncomfortable in the belly, I do baddha konasana legs, which is a butterfly leg. So different poses depend on my body.

My favourite pose of all time is the headstand because for me it is very calming. I can really focus on the pose in my body and on the breath—if I don’t focus, I easily fall down. It’s a very calming and very centred pose for me and brings all the blood to my head. Because we are upright most all the time, it’s really nice to flip the body to bring the blood back to the brain.

What is your advice for anyone who wants to start yoga?

It’s always nice to do a little bit of research. Take a look at YouTube or Instagram or any website. Yoga has a lot of variations and it’s best to know which class you should attend so you don’t feel the class is too hard for you. In Vinyasa, we have easy Vinyasa and advanced Vinyasa Flow. It’s really helpful to see the level before you attend the class because some teachers don’t care so much about beginners.

Should we do yoga every day?

At first, I recommend trying it once a week. If you really like it, you will tend to increase to maybe two or three times a week. For me, the maximum is six times a week, but to maintain your health, maybe three times a week is best. But if you have something like a spine problem like scoliosis or lordosis, for example, you need to attend a private class and have more intense sessions maybe five times a week and more attention from the teacher.

Do you have any recommendations for the best places to do yoga?

I’m pretty picky for places and I teach in two studios only. The first is Asmaradana Studio in Kemang. This place is unique because it’s an open chela: it’s a semi-outdoor place and a Balinese type of studio in the middle of a garden. So, it’s all green views with a chela in the middle. It’s really nice to get a different view in Jakarta because of the traffic and noise. I also teach in SANA Studio: I recommend the Cipete branch—it is really nice because it’s on the third floor and the air is really fresh.

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