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There is a huge potential for health-tech start-ups in Indonesia and it’s not just in the form of pharmaceutical product sales. The vast health industry in Indonesia has plenty of nooks and crannies that can be potentially developed into viable businesses as well as beneficial platforms for individuals with health needs. Here are the top health and wellness start-ups in Indonesia that are transforming the landscape in Indonesia.


HaloDoc is an application that allows users to consult with doctors so their illness can be diagnosed and proper solutions provided with ease. The idea for start this start-up was inspired by the complicated process that people often face in hospitals when suffering from an illness that needs to be diagnosed. To consult with doctors, users need to pay from Rp60,000 to Rp120,000, with the amount depending on the decisions of doctors that are registered members of HaloDoc.


Fauzan Gani started Doogether because he had a hard time booking a place for sports. He then created Doogether, an application that allows its users to perform online sports and fitness bookings. With simple steps, users can choose their preferred fitness locations and book and pay through the platform. Fauzan claims that the entire process takes less than 30 seconds, bringing various fitness options to people who don’t want to commit to a monthly or yearly gym membership.


Fitnesia provides a platform for booking various services from fitness to salons and spas in Indonesia. With various merchants distributed across Jabodetabek, Fitnesia gives its users plenty of activities to choose from. Bobby Simon, CEO of Fitnesia, said that it doesn’t own any inventory, but has a vast network of gyms, studios, salons and spas across Jabodetabek. Through Fitnesia, thousands of small and medium-scale businesses are helped through this app as they get additional income from the online exposure that they didn’t before due to resources or knowledge limitation.


Go-Med is a collaboration between Go-Jek and Halodoc. It does not provide actual medical products but instead provides vast networks for users to connect with more than 1,000 pharmacies in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Surabaya. Giving ease to people who need fast access to medicines, every order by users will be delivered from the nearest pharmacy mostly within an hour. It assures its users that every medical product is authentic because it only works with official licensed pharmacies that hold valid Indonesian pharmaceutical licenses. Go Go-Med!


Homecare24 provides nurse and caregiver services through its online platform. This start-up provides various nurse and caregiver services with different durations: one hour, eight hours, and even live-in nurses from a one-day period to one month. With ratings of every caregiver visible to users, they can choose suitable caregivers for them. From transitional care to end-of-life care, Homecare24 will provide everything.


Ovula provides an information service covering women’s reproductive health through its mobile platform. Through Ovula, women can get information on pregnancy and reproductive health through an ovulation billings method or MOB. The app was developed by Yuvensia Lidya Riyanto and Friesca Saputra, who is a doctor herself. She had the stroke of inspiration to develop the Ovula platform after following a health course on MOB.


Alodokter’s presence in Indonesia since the year 2014 has changed the Indonesian health landscape by providing medical information that is easy to understand, accurate, and accessible to anyone. All the information is arranged by a team of doctors in the Indonesian language. Alodokter provides integrated services to fulfill all health needs from the latest health content to features to chats with doctors and an online booking platform for consultations with doctors or to look for hospitals. As a platform that is especially dedicated to Indonesian doctors to improve their service quality, hopefully Alodokter can be the connecting bridge between doctors and individuals with health needs.

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