Dr. Deby Vinski. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Deby Vinski

As the owner of several prominent beauty clinics in Jakarta, Dr Deby Vinski has built a strong reputation and credibility in the beauty and health world. Now her renowned book on men’s vitality, The Power Of A Man, has given her a place as the reliable voice of men’s health, too. We got the chance to dig up some facts from Dr Deby on everything related to men’s vitality. Check out our interview below.

Why do you think it’s important for men to take care of their vitality issue?

Vitality is not just about stamina and good health, but it also concerns sexuality. Men experience a drop in sex hormones as they age, particularly the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is crucial in muscle building and fuelling men’s sex drive. The receptors for hormones actually exist throughout your body, from your brain to your bones and blood vessels. If you are low on male hormones, the health consequences could extend to other parts of your body. However, you can maintain—and even boost—your sexual vitality by making a few smart decisions now or by using anti-ageing medicine.

What are some common issues faced by men when it comes to vitality?

Some issues faced by men includes low sex drive, muscle shrinkage, low energy, bad moods, and emotional problems. All these issues occur because mental, physical and emotional health is dependent on the proper testosterone levels in order to function properly.

What are some treatment you will recommend for men who is facing vitality issue?

The first thing a man should do is to seek consultation and do a check-up, including a genetic test if necessary. Some treatments such as hormone restoration, hormone injection and cell therapy can help to treat men’s vitality issues. When it comes to lifestyle, fat loss is recommended because it will decrease body circumference. Regular exercise, good-quality sleep and stress management help a lot, too.

What is the proper age for men to do check up on their anti-aging & hormonal health?

In general, around the age of 40. But some men come earlier if they have a specific problem or when they have the symptoms or history of stroke, heart attack, cancer, or other degenerative diseases in the family.

What are the common causes that decrease men’s vitality?

The decrease in male hormones, like testosterones. Several medical conditions are also associated with erectile dysfunction. About 40 per cent of men with diabetes have some erectile dysfunction. Problems with erections are also common in men with cardiovascular disease, especially those with angina (chest pain) or after a heart attack. Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol, stress, and sleeping problems can also affect men’s vitality. The best bet is to consult with an anti-ageing doctor to prevent the problems before it affects your sex life.

Dr Deby Vinski, MscAA, PhD is the president of the World Council of Preventive Medicine (WOCPM), based in Paris. She is also the owner of Vinski Tower and Perfect Beauty Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic Jakarta.

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