cover.jpgCreator of the Bioplacenta EMK formula, which goes beyond the cosmetic surface when tackling anti-ageing, Dr Thiago Freire has become a globally recognised name with regards to anti-ageing and the 24K Gold Peeling Gel treatment that is becoming popular in both New York and London. However, setting aside special formulas and treatments, we can actually do a lot to maintain flawless skin. So here are nine tips from Dr Freire to help maintain and keep your skin flawless in the comfort of your own home.

 Get proper sleep

good sleep.jpegA busy lifestyle might mean that a few hours of sleep get sacrificed, but it is not just your body that needs a good night’s sleep. Your skin needs time to heal and rest with a recommended 7 to 8 hours of rest needed—they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

Sunscreen is a must

Don’t just use any sunscreen. Make sure it matches your skin type and even if you cover yourself from head-to-toe, you should never be spending all day standing or walking around in the sun. Just get your daily dose of Vitamin D and then relax in the shade.

 Control stress and cultivate a peaceful mind

peaceful mind.jpegRelaxing through exercise or yoga is very popular as many people use them to relieve the stress of work. However, this also bleeds into skin care, as stress will show through the skin just as much as when it makes you tired. Stress lines or worry lines are only one symptom of a stressful mind.  

 Moisturise your skin

Moisturise.jpegTake time to treat your skin. Most people will have their favourite methods of moisturising. Just remember to not overdo it as too much can result in your skin becoming dependent on it for moisture, which can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dull skin.

 Drink water

drink water.jpegThink of yourself as a plant that needs constant watering. Internal moisture is just as important as external, and it will help your skin heal and regenerate during sleep. Without it, you will dry up and wrinkle.  

 Exercise regularly

exercise.jpegWhen you exercise, you don’t just tighten your muscles: you also help your skin. Regular exercise can help with clearing up your skins as well as pores. It also goes a long way to giving you energy and this will reduce fatigue and stress.   

 Wash every night
wash your face.jpeg

Even if you moisturise every day you still need to give your face a good wash every night. No matter where you live, you will carry your day on your face. Without a good clean you will have dead skin and grease pores. This will not help you during your beauty sleep, so don’t for get to take care of your face each night. 

 Reduce Sodium and sugar
reduced sodium.jpg

Too much sodium and sugar in your diet can make you retain water, which results in puffy eyes. Increased amounts of sugar can lead to high blood sugar, which can weaken the skin by affecting tissues like collagen. This will leave you more open to wrinkles.

 Exfoliate and cleanse

Exfoliate (gettyimages).jpgThe day can be filled with a never-ending list of ways that your skin might be attacked, so when you get the chance exfoliate and cleanse. There are number of quick-apply products on the market that can used to give your skin a quick deep clean.

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