Teguh Sebadja STP has just landed in Jakarta, having taken the first morning flight from Surabaya. Arriving at the lounge of Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, Teguh doesn’t look tired at all— and he is more than willing to share his background and journey with Indonesia Tatler. And so it begins.

“More than seven years ago in 2010, my late mum was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer,” Teguh tells us. “I was beyond devastated and had to make a tough choice at that time, deciding to leave a stellar career as an area manager with a major automotive spare parts company to tend to my mum.”

Teguh, who graduated with a food technology major from the Widya Mandala Catholic University in Surabaya, decided to make a bold move, leaving his comfort zone in order to take better care of his mum.

“I took her to a hospital in Singapore, and she underwent every treatment possible: mastectomy, lymph node removal, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy,” Teguh says. “I also consulted with an oncologist in Singapore, and he told me there was no cure for cancer— the key is to maintain balanced dietary habits and to manage stress levels.”

Maintaining his mum’s dietary habits saw her condition remain stable for four years, but it got worse in the fifth year. “The doctors found out that her cancer had spread to stage 4 spinal cancer, and, at that time, I was against chemotherapy because her condition was so weak. Her spine was crooked due to antihormone therapy,” says Teguh.

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