When birds’ nests were first found to be edible, the soup made from them was a luxury that could only be afforded by royalty and nobles. Ever since then, we have come to discover the rare ingredient’s multitude of health benefits—including anti-ageing and immune-system-boosting capabilities. Allow Indonesia Tatler to introduce you to two new ranges of the highest quality bird’s nest products: Heavenly Nest and Seven Stars.


Both promise consumers the use of only genuine and pure birds’ nests without any additional ingredients used in their products. The birds’ nests are naturally bound by swiftlets’ saliva without any application of glue. Throughout the manufacturing process, the birds’ nests are cleaned with Kangen Water. In addition, the nests are not bleached or chemically treated in any way. Moisture content is also kept to a very low level—10 per cent as compared with the market average of 30 per cent.


One of the products of the Seven Stars range is raw and unprocessed birds’ nests, which is cleaned and packed to be sold to both local and international markets. The ready-to-drink products made under this brand are made from premium concentrated birds’ nests and come with varying levels of sugar. The latest addition to the range comes with the added anti-bacterial characteristics of manuka honey. Approved by the FDA and USDA, Seven Stars products are available for both local and international markets.



The Heavenly Nest range of products also consists of ready-to-drink beverages made from the same premium birds’ nests. Further enhancing the health and beauty benefits of Heavenly Nest’s ready-to-drink products are goji berries and jujube red dates, which are both rich in antioxidants. Heavenly Nest products are made to be more affordable and are available across Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua.


Marlienna Suwito is the entrepreneur behind both brands. The genesis of Heavenly Nest and Seven Stars can be said to have been a happy accident. Marlienna was in her private property in Pontianak, Kalimantan, when she noticed flocks of swiftlets flying above. Struck by inspiration, she spent the next year building a house in which the birds would be able to roost. While the endeavour would prove to be difficult and unpredictable at first, Marlienna persevered. Learning from experience on the front lines, Marlienna managed to build a second house two years later. Today, she is sustainably producing around 120kg of the best birds’ nests each month.

Plaza Indonesia Unit LB #044B, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 28-30, Jakarta, Indonesia

Casa De Parco, Unit CDP 25BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia

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