With an abundance of fitness classes to choose from, everyone is hopping on the fitness bandwagon—from high intensity workouts, boxing to weight training—our body is more exposed to injuries than ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the physique side of fitness without paying much attention to performance, which can be hindered by a lack of adequate mobility.

But what is mobility? Contrary to popular belief, flexibility is only one part of mobility. “Mobility is the ability to be move through a joint’s full range of motion with control, which requires strength.” says Stephanie Cuvelier, exercise physiologist and founder of Calibrate Studio. “When one lacks mobility, they are more likely to suffer from muscle imbalance, which is almost always linked to injury occurrence.”

Incorporating mobility exercises into your routine can help keep your joints healthy, reduce your risk of injury and allow your body to move with ease. In our latest edition of Monday Motivation, Stephanie guides us through six exercises that will help improve your shoulder, hip, knee and foot mobility, and optimise your physical performance over time:

 Video: Kenneth Chan

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