As we are only four months away from the end of the year, we thought: what better ways to celebrate it than to revisit our fitness resolutions? And as we know, one of the most reliable ways to keep our mind, body and soul in shape is to practice yoga routinely. If you need any more convincing to attend yoga sessions, Instagram is your go-to source. We have handpicked six Indonesian yoga enthusiasts that could help motivate you achieve your goals. 

 Fajar Putra

Not only is Fajar Putra a celebrity yoga instructor, he is also a host and a TV presenter. As the owner of Union Yoga, this yoga guru is well respected amongst his regular celebrity clients, who include Tatjana Saphira and Pevita Pearce.

Tatjana Saphira

Yes, you guessed it! Tatjana Saphira is one of the best #fitspo out there. Aside from her regular yoga classes with Fajar Putra, Tatjana also does morning runs and gym sessions as well. Meanwhile, make sure to keep an eye on her Instastory to follow her latest fitness endeavors!


Similar to Fajar Putra, Anjasmara is the owner of a yoga studio named Gudang Gudang Yoga. In addition to sharing some neat tricks, Anjasmara also often posts pictures that show the calmer side of yoga, such as the Shavasana and the breathing exercises. What better way to remind you to practice mindfulness and mental wellbeing than to show how it’s done in the morning?

 Sophia Latjuba


You’ve probably seen Sophia Latjuba’s beautiful face on the hit film Kuldesak and the sitcom Tetangga Masa Gitu. When she’s not acting, the self-described yogini spends her time maintaining her lean figure as we can see on her Instagram account, which has a whopping 1.4 million followers.

Adinia Wirasti


Not a newcomer to rigorous workout routines, actress Adinia Wirasti relies on yoga to help her stay fit. She inspiringly encourages her Instagram followers to work out with her as she takes on different challenges, such as the eight-week SANA challenge. Who needs a personal trainer when you have Adinia as your motivator?

Raisa Andriana

Yet another faithful member of Union Yoga, singer Raisa makes sure to have fun during her yoga sessions with Fajar Putra. Also, she does not shy away from new moves just as she said in her Instagram post: “It's all about trusting your yoga partner!”

 Cover photo: courtesy of Adinia Wirasti (@adiniawrst)

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