cover.jpegWhen people hear the name ‘Silicon Valley’ images of tech-wizardry and computers are common place. However, lately many of the major figure heads of this famous place have put considerable amounts of money into a new way to hack science. The new focus is cheating death or rather ways to prolong life and is backed by people like the co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel and ‘Silicon Valley’ alumni Larry Ellison. Over US$330 million has been donated to research on life-extension therapies or age-related diseases.

Some of these million dollar life hacks have been made public, yet how effective can they truly be and are they a realistic option for everyone. We have put together 5 life-hacks that are emerging from Silicon Valley funded research.

 The Blood of Youth

young blood.jpgIt might sound like something out of a vampire movie but 50 people in the US alone have paid nearly US$8,000 to have a transfusion of plasma from someone aged 16 to 25 years. The Hack originates from how blood samples from younger people have been found to contain stronger elements with regards to cellular health. This is believed to give your body a break while it regenerates itself. This is all in its early stages but who knows what the future holds for blood based rejuvenation based therapies.

  The Future of Your DNA
future dna.jpg

The chance to know what illness or diseases you might suffer from in your older years is seen by many as science fiction rather than fact. Yet for around US$25,000 people can have a head-to-toe, inside-and-out examination with the goal of mapping their genome. This is believed to reveal enough information to allow people to make informed lifestyle choice and effectively prolong their lives. While this is all in effect now, it is still very expensive and therefore it might be better to look at a crystal ball until the price becomes more reasonable.

 Antiaging Super pills

anit againg.jpgThere are a number of products on the market that are aimed at pushing back the clock with most focusing on the skin or the outer appearance. Places like Silicon Valley and even the Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) are focusing on a ‘super pill’ that will focus on the effecting the body at the cellular level. Even though it has been tested on humans it is not on sale just yet. However, with the amount of money and expertise backing it, who knows what the future will hold.   

 Smart Drugs

smart drug.jpegWhen trying to stay awake mentally we might have an extra cup of coffee or take a caffeine pill or two, but what if we could take a single pill that would increase your actual brain processing power. This is one of the main focuses of the Silicon Valley Life-hack. More than US$2 million has been pumped into the smart drugs program known as nootropics. Many nootropics contain caffeine, hormone melatonin and energy boosting Vitamin B are already on the market. Yet with more money comes more focus as many believe that enhanced memory or clarity boosting drugs will be part of our daily intake. Even though there are a number of nootropic drugs on the market none have been 100% proven to enhance mental awareness or effectiveness.     

 High-Tech Diets

special diet.jpegAll you have to do it turn on your television to see some kind of new diet or effective method of weight loss. But new companies are taking the guess work out of the process and introducing fasting-diet meals. These Meal are recommended by doctors and contain a fixed meals list which induces specific hormones with in the body during controlled fasting process. While to many this may sound rather extreme and uncomfortable it is becoming very popular in places like Los Angles. The bottom line though is that this is only to be recommended by a doctor as it is part of strictly fixed diet. 

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