We should always take the time to think about relaxing and trying to generally feel better. As such, the commodity of wellness is hugely popular and many spas and wellness centres are looking for new ways to help you get back to your best self. Here are five new and unique treatments that will hit this later this year and after.



Inspired by the silent abbeys of Europe, the notion behind Silence is not new, but many professionals and doctors are pointing out the benefits. Recently Dr. Franz Linser explained the role of silence and its restorative powers both physically and mentally. Many more professionals are using silence therapy to help with stress and even muscle restoration.



Saunas have been a popular additional to any wellness centre across Europe for a long time. However, recently more wellness centres and spas are extending them to be the main focal point of the wellness experience. Heat spas, or hotboxes, are becoming a popular worldwide and will be hitting Asia soon.

 Art and creativityart.jpeg


Art is a great way of expressing oneself and now it is being used to restore wellness and health. Painting-based sessions and courses that encourage creativity are being used to relieve stress and encourage healing. So if you enjoy putting paint to canvas or feel the need to express your creativity, then this could be for you.

Psychological treatmentsmental.jpeg


Recovery is normally associated with physical health with a slight focus on mental wellness. However, many spas are making mental wellness their only focus by bringing in neuroscientists and psychotherapists in order to rethink the idea of wellness experts. So now you can look forward to a full mental cleanse.

 High-octane adventurehigh octane.jpeg


Relaxing, yoga or maybe a spa day all seem like the obvious choices when it comes to wellness, but young couples and groups are heading for a different option: high-octane treatments that focus on heart-pumping adventure. So put away the yoga mat and set out on a journey that you’ll never forget.

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