You’re probably thinking: your schedules are too packed and you have no time to for the gym and exercising. It is time to forget those excuses as a number of mobile applications are able to help you exercise within the comfort of your own home. We have picked out five applications that will get you moving and into better shape with minimal effort.




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8fit understands you and can be customised to you and your goals. The app features interactive programs that can be accessed wherever you are, so you can do your workouts anywhere. Not only does it provide workout programs, 8fit also has a meal-planning function to support your fitness and health goals.


Streaks Workout

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This app is worth every cent spent on it to keep you motivated consistently. Streaks Workout will take note of the number of the consecutive days that the user has been working out for, meaning the user will not want to skip exercising in order to keep the “streak” going.


Seven - 7 Minute Workout


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Seven minutes is all it takes: it’s that simple. Seven encourages users to take 7 minutes of their day to do a fun workout. Users get the most out of their training in the shortest amount of time, and the app is also available to connect with friends so that users can commit together or compete with each other.


BetterMe: Workouts


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In just 28 days, this app will help transform your body. BetterMe provides 28-day challenges that focus on many specific body parts for women. This app eliminates the need to go to the gym or use gym equipment, with each of the challenges giving users a step-by-step exercise guide in order to achieve their body goals.


Fit30: Home Workouts Exercise


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Whether it’s to burn fat or get those beach body abs, Fit30 will equip you with 30-day at-home fitness challenges that are guaranteed to be effective. The workout app demonstrates every exercise in simple videos that can be easily performed. It constructs a schedule for the following 30 days and will keep track of users’ progress.


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