When a book you love is turned into a film, you know life’s in your favour. In the past, despite having numerous talented authors, books were rarely adapted into movies in Indonesia. However, nowadays this is slowly changing, and we have been witnessing more and more book-to-movie adaptations over the years. With this in mind, we have picked 10 movies that have been adapted from beautifully written Indonesian novels from 2017 to 2018. Some of them are even on release soon. Check them out.

Wiro Sableng 212

Wiro Sableng, a popular Indonesian fictional hero in the 1970s is back. Adapted from the hit novel series by Bastian Tito, Wiro Sableng is a young warrior who is dressed in white and armed with an axe. The movie is slated for release in September 2018 and the hero will be played by the author’s son, Vino G Bastian. Previously, Wiro Sableng has been adapted for screen four times.


Serendipity, the novel by Erisca Febriani, has sold 40,000 copies, and the inspiring novel is finally being made into a movie. The word “serendipity” itself means luck by chance, and this is what this movie is all about. The protagonist faces a tough time and has to make money in various ways until she stumbles upon a man who changes her views about hope. Sounds like something you’d definitely not want to miss in the cinemas, doesn’t it?

My Stupid Boss 2

Ironically, My Stupid Boss 2 just started shooting. Following the box-office success of the first film, the movie producer obviously came up with a second part. My Stupid Boss 2 is based on a four-part series by Chaos@work. Reviews says that this book has made readers laugh like never before. With its use of witty grammar and comical characters, My Stupid Boss 2 is something we’re all looking forward to.

Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2

One of the best-selling Indonesian movies of 2017, Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan 2 is the sequel to Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan, released in 2015. The religious drama film was based from the novel Surga yang tak dirindukan: tak kusimpan rahasia pada Hawa, meski tak juga kuceritakan semua bahwa padanya hanya ada sedikit cinta by Asma Nadia.

 Ayat Ayat Cinta 2

Another love-story sequel in 2017, Ayat Ayat Cinta 2 is a religious drama film that broke records. The movie tells the story about a professor living in Edinburgh in Scotland whose wife is volunteering in the Gaza Strip. The story then follows a series of problems ranging from romance all the way to tackling issues on being a Muslim in Europe. The novel was written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy.

Dilan 1990

Obstinate but loving would be how we describe this movie’s protagonist, Dilan. Based on a cult hit novel by Pidi Baiq, Dilan 1990 is an homage to high-school romance in the 1990s that swept the whole nation off its feet when it was released last January. With the leads played by Iqbaal Ramadhan and Vanesha Prescilla, the romantic comedy managed to earn Rp230,000,000 in the box office.

 Critical Eleven

Critical Eleven was released in 2017 and is based on Ika Natassa’s best-selling novel. The romantic drama tells the story of Ale and Anya who first met on a plane and fell in love five years ago.

 Aruna dan Lidahnya

Inspired by Laksmi Pamuntjak’s novel, Aruna dan Lidahnya is set for release in September 2018. With the lead played by Dian Sastrowardoyo, the film will invite us on an adventure about food, travel and conspiracy. We can’t wait!

 Danur 2: Maddah

Based on Risa Saraswaty’s book, Danur was first released in 2017. The sequel, Danur 2: Maddah, was released more than a year later. The horror flick tells the story of Risa’s friendship with three friends who are actually Dutch ghosts and stars 21-year-old Prilly Latuconsina.


Based on the classic Indonesian novel by Mira W, Arini, Masih Ada Kereta yang Akan Lewat, Arini tells the story of an older woman who strikes up a romance with a gentleman 10 years younger than her. The new remake will feature Morgan Oey and Aura Kasih.

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