Childhood is an amazing maze of adventures where the unreal is real, and the real is a dull long day of math and science. It is the most pivotal point of one’s life where confidence and our view of life was shaped and molded. Behind the extraordinary and magical made-up world were tales told from mouth to mouth, movies, and, most of all, books, fiction books. They are our portals to these otherworldly kingdoms where princesses fought monsters, pirates protected the sea, and androids roamed the sky. For the sake of nostalgia and for those parents who are out looking local Indonesian children books for their sweethearts, we have compiled six of the most prolific children book authors in Indonesia.

Clara Ng


Photo: Courtesy of Clara Ng

Graduated from Ohio State University, Clara never thought she would end up becoming a writer – let alone one who writes children books – but she did anyway and proceeded to publish countless works both for children and adults. Some of her most remarkable children books were Lupi si Pelupa, Dari Negeri Seberang, and Sejuta Warna Pelangi: Milo Sedang Bosan.

Andrea Hirata

Andrea Hirata is one of the most phenomenal writers that ever graced the modern Indonesian literature. His work on Laskar Pelang had gained massive adoration from global media and had been published in more than 70 countries. Some of his other published children books include Ayah, Sirkus Pohon, and of course, Laskar Pelangi.



Photo: Courtesy of Goodreads

Kusumastuti, famously known for her works in the fantasy genre, had been a writer at heart since a very young age. What started out as a single poem published on a magazine, she has had hundreds of articles and short stories submitted to magazines, newspapers, and online medias afterwards. One of her most acclaimed children work that you might know is a fantasy series titled 3 Sahabat.

Rizal Iwan


Photo: Courtesy of Goodreads

After spending over a decade in advertising as a copywriter, Rizal Iwan is now challenging his luck on literature, especially fiction. He was also known for his acting role on Andy Baker’s Forgotten Kingdoms. Recently, Rizal launched a series of children book called Creepy Case Club which tells a story about Namira, her friends, and the anomalies that happened around them.

Noor H. Dee


Photo: Courtesy of Goodreads

Born in Depok, in 1982, Noor started out his career as a cook in hotels and restaurants before he decided to become a writer. Not only prolific as a writer and blogger, he is also an active member of ‘Brigade Lawan Arus’ community and had also established a mobile library in Depok. His children books are usually aimed to send out certain messages to the readers, such as Aku Bilang Maaf, Aku Senang Berbagi, and Saat Aku Marah.

Iwok Abqary

 Being a gardener and a father-of-two doesn’t stop Iwok from doing what he loves; writing. Iwok has published many books with loads of different variety of types. Whether it is comedy, parody, slice of life, or children books, Iwok has swept loads of people off their feet by his amazing and hilarious works throughout the years. His children books include Misteri Lemari Terkunci, Sepeda Ontel Kinanti, and Kaos Kaki Koki Komi.


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