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To be able to undergo busy activities every day indeed requires a healthy body condition. Therefore, it takes effort such as regular exercise and a balanced diet to be able to maintain a healthy body. Therefore, to encourage many people to live a healthy lifestyle, the HARRIS Hotels holds an annual HARRIS Day event that focuses on spreading healthy life through this exciting events. 

This year, HARRIS Day 2019 is back by holding a series of exciting sports and entertainment activities. This big event aims to invite many people to be aware of healthy lifestyle. As being quoted from Stefano de Champeaux as the Corporate Assistant Brand Director of HARRIS Hotels, HARRIS Day event is an embodiment of HARRIS Hotel’s mission to spread healthy lifestyle concept. 

First held in 2010, HARRIS Day features various exciting sports activities and fun entertainment. For this year, the theme is 'Fit and Fun with HARRIS'.

Make it more special, HARRIS Day 2019 will present special events that is different from previous years. If in previous years HARRIS Day's main event was Fun Bike, this year 5K Run activities will be added as one of the main events. Not only that, there will be a splendid music concert and food festival that can be enjoyed on HARRIS Day 2019.

For parents who want to bring their children to this event also do not have to feel worry. The organizer of the event has provided Kids Zone which provides lots of toys and play zone for children.

The climax event of HARRIS Day 2019 will take place on Sunday, 8 December 2019 at Summarecon Serpong Bekasi which is in the same area as HARRIS Hotels and Conventions Bekasi.

Not only in Bekasi, this event was also held in several other cities such as Bandung, Central Java, East Java, Samarinda, Pontianak, Bali, and Batam.

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