The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest-growing in Indonesia and has shown us some of the most distinctive dishes our taste buds have ever tasted. With different flavours and innovative approaches to each one of them leaving us with wanting more, we’re definitely lucky when we think of all the awesome foods and drinks we savoured in the past year. With a huge assortment of both salted egg chicken and banana nuggets, Indonesia Tatler has compiled a list of the most popular dishes in 2018 that will leave you with instant cravings.

Salted egg chicken

This dish is a definite diet fail. Full of calories but super-delicious is none other than salted egg chicken. With a thick seasoning of salted egg, this dish will make you taste chicken like you never have before. The best part about it? You can have it as a topping with noodles or rice and it will taste just as scrumptious.

Cheese tea

One of the most popular drinks 2018 saw was the phenomenal cheese tea. Regular bubble-tea drinkers made the swap to cheese tea this year; unlike milk tea, which carries a mixture of tea and milk, cheese tea has a delicious and soft taste to it. Lucky for us, Jakarta has a wide number of stores offering this trendy drink now. Bonus point? This drink is totally Instagrammable!

Es kopi susu

Everyone deserves better coffee—the juice of survival. Keeping this in mind, Jakarta went viral for es kopi susu in 2018 with existing cafés adding it to their menus and new ones opening just for it! There is nothing like a glass of fresh and delicious iced coffee to kick Jakarta’s heat away and help you make it through the day. The best part about it is how affordable it is, which makes every socio-economic group able to afford it.

Mozzarella topping

Mozzarella topping was yet another sensation in 2018. With mozzarella cheese spread on (almost) everything ranging from martabak to eggs, everybody knows that the secret ingredient to making everything better is always cheese. Not only does it make you drool, but this topping makes your meal a whole lot yummier! You can truly never have too much cheese, right?

Beer ramen

Ramen, one of Japan’s most popular dishes, was recently paired up with the best drink to pair up with it: beer! When combined, another sensational food biggie was the beer ramen. The unique catch, though, is that this dish does not really have beer in it. So, how does it work? The beer ramen is cold Japanese ramen, which is made of bonito fish broth and put inside a tall and wide beer glass. Making sure it looks real, the white foam that we see on beer is also seen on top of the ramen and is made of egg whites that are shaken until they expand. Interesting!

Thai tea

Who said you had to travel all the way to Thailand for traditional Thai tea? Indonesia saw the rising popularity of Thai tea this year, being a go-to drink for almost everyone around town. The freshness and sweetness of it is what makes it super-loved by everyone! Authentic as it is, with Jakarta’s heat taking over the city every day, a cup of Thai tea every now and then never hurts.

Satay Taichan

One dish that Indonesians went crazy for is satay Taichan, with white chicken being burned and the satay style topped with bumbu sambal, giving your taste buds a challenge. Senayan was initially known as the most popular area in Jakarta to hunt for satay Taichan, but eventually stores all over Jakarta served it. What makes it unique is that it has no ketchup and bumbu kacang in it like normal sate does.

Banana nuggets


The culinary world of Indonesia saw something definitely unique with banana nuggets. Calling all banana lovers with a sweet tooth, this one’s for you! Bananas are wrapped in different sauces, such as chocolate, green tea, vanilla, red velvet, tiramisu, and much more and then are deep fried for you to get the whole nugget experience. If you’re feeling a little extra-sweet that day, shops let you choose an additional topping ranging from Oreos to milk powder, marshmallows, cheese, almonds, fruits, Nutella, and much more.

Charcoal burger

Charcoal burger: like a normal burger, but black. With burgers not being a traditional Indonesian meal, the charcoal burger sure did make an impression to last. With a thick metal-black colour to it, these charcoal burgers are definitely delicious and Instagram-worthy, too! A win-win situation, right? Ranging from vegan, vegetarian, and meat-based, you can never have too much choice.

Doughnut milkshake

Everyone’s childhood dream come true: a doughnut and milkshake combined! It definitely doesn’t get sweeter than this with this sugary combo. The doughnut milkshake is a simple milkshake topped with a doughnut over the straw on top. Milkshakes range from different flavours and the doughnut, too! Choose your favourite flavours and combine both to have a sugar rush like never before.

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