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In this era of all digital, laptop is one necessary thing that people need. Especially for travellers or high mobility workers, high performance and light laptop is one thing that must be included in your belongings.

Understanding those needs, HP keep improving its technology to suit the high mobility lifestyle. And here, HP presents HP Envy 13, the perfect, slim laptop for those who are always on the road to stay connected and work effectively. Designed with premium metal and stylish colours, here are the points about HP Envy 13 that you need to know.  
One of a kind design and features 


No doubt, the first thing you see in a laptop is its design. HP Envy 13 has built with light and thin metal combine with stylish colour options. Aside from being crafted beautifully, this laptop weighing only 1.17 kg. So, HP Envy 13 surely fits your high mobility worklife. 
Beside its exquisite design, HP Envy 13 has various brilliant features. Some of the features include a brilliant backlit keyboard to enable you to work in the dimly lit room, seamless profile and geometric pattern speaker grill.
High secured privacy system 

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Privacy is such an important point when buying a laptop. Especially in this digital age, protecting your personal data is one of the most important things to do to prevent data manipulation. 

But you don’t have to worry about privacy with HP Envy 13. HP continues to double-down on security by providing its primary security system. Secured with integrated Webcam Kill Switch, this system will cuts-off front camera power by switching the button. Therefore, you will be protected from creepy hackers. This laptop also equipped with built-in with fingerprint reader that does not require you to enter a password when you open it. So there will be no hassle when you forget the password. 
Entertainment glory 

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One thing to keep in mind, HP Envy 13 will allow you to have the best entertainment experience. With its high quality features such as speakers and 3-sided micro-edge display screen, you can elevate your entertainment at hands. 
HP Envy 13 is also equipped with custom-tuned speakers from Bang & Olufsen experts that will produce the purest sound to live your entertainment life. Its display screen also make this laptop become more special. You may see more of your screen in crystal-clear Full HD display. 

Upgraded processor and big storage 

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To suit your on-the-go life, everything must also be seamless. Therefore, HP Envy 13 delivers optimum performance with the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor that has smooth system responsiveness and fast load times. 
HP Envy 13 also provides big storage to keep all your important data. This laptop available in capacities up to 512 GB with PCIe-based flash storage is up to 17x faster than a traditional 5400-rpm laptop hard drive.