Exuding charisma, poise, and elegance, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Jasmine Prasetio is one intelligent businesswoman everyone ought to look up to. One might think that someone of her stature would take pride in the path she has paved for herself in the art community, but even she claims that success is not a one-woman show. What lies beyond the exhibition walls is an entire ecosystem many are unaware of. Artists, curators, academia, galleries, collectors, and many other parties join forces to create extraordinary exhibitions.

For someone whose passion has always been art, becoming the Country Head, Indonesia, and Director, Asia, of Sotheby’s truly befits her. When Jasmine stepped into the office of Sotheby’s Singapore 14 years ago,she didn’t realise the journey that would take her across the universe. Soon after moving to the Hong Kong branch in 2009, Jasmine pioneered a new auction category, “Boundless: Contemporary Art”, in 2012 and developed the Southeast Asian art category in Hong Kong Sotheby’s illustrious auctions. It then became clear that bringing Southeast Asian artworks into the limelight in the international art scene was her calling. Fast forward to 2018 and Jasmine has spearheaded Sotheby’s Indonesia for five years. Since taking this role in 2013, she has witnessed a gradual shift in the nation’s art market. With the growth of the millennial generation comes newer art forms aiming to capture their young hearts, such as digital art and art installations.

Though she specialises in traditional art and believes older and newer forms should be equally appreciated, Jasmine can’t help but commend the latter form, adding: “Art installations catapult the audience into a multi-dimensional and multisensory experience that goes beyond one’s imagination.” Similar to the balancing act between different art forms, social media shouldn’t govern or dictate the art scene on its own, she adds. Although it does raise society’s awareness of noteworthy artworks, it takes more than posting a picture to truly show appreciation.

For starters, Jasmine recommends reading great books, attending exhibitions, and talking to curators. Art enthusiasts might be the only ones to do so thus far, but Jasmine hopes that by shifting the role of art in academia as a primary subject, the nation will rethink its value by default. As the art market constantly evolves and grows as an increasingly important platform, it comes as no surprise that Jasmine Prasetio surrounds herself with both prominent and newer names in the Asian art scene. But when asked about the fresh faces everyone should watch out for, she insists that the term “up and coming artist” doesn’t always ring true to reality. 

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